A very rare case of 'teeth growing in the nostrils' is reported

When a person who had been suffering from stuffy nose for many years visited an otolaryngologist, a case of teeth growing in the nostrils was reported in the American medical journal The New England Journal of Medicine.

Ectopic Tooth in the Nose | NEJM


Doctors find tooth growing inside a patient's nose

This time, a very rare case of teeth growing in the nose was discovered when a 38-year-old man living in the United States visited the otolaryngology department of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. The man complained, 'I haven't had a runny nose for several years, but I can't breathe in the right nostril.' The cause such as deformation of the skull and the deformity of the skull could not be identified.

Then, doctors inserted a camera into the nose of a man and examined it in detail, and found that there was a 'very hard white tumor' in the back of the nostril (left). As a result of taking an X-ray photograph of the tumor, it was confirmed that the true identity of the white tumor was the 'teeth' that grew in the nose (right).

by The New England Journal of Medicine, DOI: 10.1056 / NEJMicm2112363

The symptom of this man is 'ectopic tooth', where teeth grow where they normally do not grow. In this case, the teeth that should grow downward from the upper jaw grew upward and protruded into the nostrils.

Doctors who identified the cause of the stuffy nose performed surgery to remove a 14 mm long tooth from the man's nose. As a result of follow-up, the wound on the nose was closed properly, and no complications or the occurrence of another tooth were confirmed. The man reported to doctors that his stuffy nose was clearer and he was able to breathe.

'People with ectopic areas of the body can damage the tissues around them, so it's important to see a medical institution,' doctors said. In particular, if the teeth are not properly grown, the teeth will be misaligned or the teeth will be clean. However, as in this case, ectopic teeth where teeth grow outside the mouth are extremely rare, and the incidence is only 0.1%. In particular, it seems that it is extremely rare for ectopic teeth to grow to the extent that they reach the inside of the nose.

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