Headline news on July 30, 2015

A project to make a magazine "Animation style" that is published irregularly as a quarterly magazine is done in the Cloud Funding platform · MotionGallery.

Magazine 'Anime style' quarterly support project - Cloud Funding 's MotionGallery

The animation style launched in 2000 is not limited to magazines, but many columns are serialized "WEB animation style"All Night Event at New Literature Sita, Talk Live at Asaya Loft A, etc. We are doing a wide range of activities. Although there are many requests for the publication of the magazine which is the starting point, it is said that there is not enough power to periodically publish, this time, this crowdfunding project was launched in order to aim for quarterly with the 15th anniversary It was.

5.3 million yen has gathered already for the target of 3 million yen, but since there is still a little time left until 23:59 on July 31 of the deadline, those who are interested check the contents Please try.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Summary of companies and organizations nominated for the 3 rd Black Enterprise Award in 2014 - GIGAZINE

"Copenhagen Wheel" which can be converted to an electric assisted bicycle by simply exchanging it with an existing wheel - GIGAZINE

How does music playing affect the brain? - GIGAZINE

Ice cup & spoon for keeping ice cream food for more than 30 minutes "Happy Ice Cream!" - GIGAZINE

An in-service package designer explains the waste of figure manufacturer's technical ability to make invisible parts pants - GIGAZINE

"Playboy Bunny Girls and The Playboy Club" shot in London's Playboy · Bunny Girl in the 1960s - GIGAZINE

Because I got infected with malware and it seemed to be scammed, I went to the police arrested for child pornography violation - GIGAZINE

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Succeeded with two-handed transplant rice to an 8-year old boy NHK News

NHK news to fish 1.5 times bigger in "genome editing"

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"Lie" of the nuclear power that I saw TEPCO and Yoshida Shoshuro: Nikkei Business Online

Taro Yamamoto gets a big success with the National Assembly question "If the nuclear power plays a missile attack?" Prime Minister Abe could not answer - Togetter Summary

CNN.co.jp: Unknown Maltese aircraft part of the wing or discovered debris in the Indian Ocean island

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Is it a disadvantage to getting a job if you join the demonstration? "Stuck with life" Flying between: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Recruiting interview, "Frequency of eating out?" Outdated illegal questions Note: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Purpose wasteful of PTA publicity paper - Codera Research Institute Family Department (45) | Cybozu formula

"Monthly Treasure Island" "Cutie" is closed on occasion | BRAND TOPICS | BUSINESS | WWD JAPAN.COM

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4K movie shooting extended from 1 minute to 3 minutes when I attached the heat sink to Xperia Z4 # Xperia Ambassador

Hatena bookmark, 10 years 'Amazon review' ranking - Hatena news

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"Brave Guy Gaogaigar" Blu-ray high quality comparison video - YouTube

Message from Oyama Nobuyo - YouTube

BORUTO special video "The way to be handed down" - YouTube

Super mario maker introduction video - YouTube

【Splatoon】 Buki category "Slosher" - YouTube

【Splatoon】 Hightide Era "Hooked" - YouTube

SHIROBAKO of TV anime "SHIROBAKO" until you can do (Tokyo edition) listen - YouTube

TV is tapering because it does not broadcast animation in the golden time, so do it now even now! - Togetter Summary

A bit of consultation // About summer comic doujinsu - a note of orangestar

Notice of "Fighting Business" holiday 【No. 36: released on August 3】 «Young Magazine Official Website | WEB Yan Maga | Kodansha Comic Plus

Mr. Yasuaki Kida broke his leg during the drawing work
I was temporarily unable to work on the manuscript.

【Spoiler】 Introducing the character of death, cool maniacs / animation like death - today is the Starfest Festival!

Does Japanese company have "play"? Patlabor author, organizational theory talked by Mr. Yuuki Masami | HR Navi by Recruit

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Olympic emblem "very similar to Belgian Theater Logo" NHK News

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