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A cup noodle museum in Yokohama city will celebrate 4 million visitors and at the food attraction "NOODLES BAZAAR - World Noodle Road -"Cup noodle soft cream"Cup noodle curry soft cream"Will be released on August 11 (Tue). Each topping the ingredients on a soft cream that reproduced the taste of the cup noodle soup with exquisite balance, it looks like a cup noodle-like item. The fee is 300 yen per meal, and a separate entrance fee is required.

A familiar "That taste" makes a soft cream !! "Cup noodle soft cream" is released on Cup Noodle Museum on Tuesday, August! | Nissin Food Group

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Death to death of 17 deaths actor Gary Oldman, such as shooting dead, explosion dead, and dead wild boars Summary - GIGAZINE

I tried overseas nomads in Malaysia, where the Japanese want to live 1st place - GIGAZINE

When expressing the difference between AV fantasy and real with food, it becomes like this - GIGAZINE

Illustrate differences in male and female thought patterns and this is the case - GIGAZINE

41 photos to tell over the state of London riots that are currently occurring - GIGAZINE

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Buddy there is a tray called Odori 2015: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Thinking that the hole in the eardrum was empty, I went to the otolaryngology and unexpected things came out from my ear and talked to the doctor - Togetter Summary

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Increase of hot weather day

It can be seen that the right foot of the distribution rose by 3 ° C in this hundred and several decades. You can say that the same thing "more than 25 times over hot summer (35 ℃ or more)" increased.

Pseudo Science Manga (Fake Science Manga) Food Edition 1 - 10 - Togetter Summary

"Octopus Textbooks That Reluctant Ecology and the Human Relationship" by Richard Schweied | Kousyoublog

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Municipal Ariake Junior High School chief who interrupted the lecture of atomic bomb victims was the personnel as expected - the diary of Hokusaiwolf

3 Sister Scuttle closed window due to death scam NHK News

Three elderly sisters who were found dead in a symptom considered as heat stroke in a house in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, were caught in the victim of fraud and since then, It was understood by the interview with the acquaintance that it was increasing that we had to shut down. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating it as having died in the middle of a hot summer day in the heart of Tokyo.

Male gathering white bones, Nagoya apartment, buried in garbage - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

Apology to the original 70th discourse draft after the war etc. Specification NHK News

Sprinkle orching argument, arresting mother for suspicion of swaying Osaka: Asahi Newspaper Digital

【Severe】 TSUTAYA operated Saga library → Collection disposal Why buy Saitama's ramen map and qualification book 10 years ago: Leisure time \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - Livedoor blog

Kawachi nuclear power plant Unit 1 report on the morning re-operation plan NHK News

Middle Eastern Regional Researchers Statement against Security Bill NHK News

Is Waseda Academy Baka Demi? I lost 300 mobile phones I got from my students during my training campaign: Market status Kabu 2-story building

Case that a mobile mistake and a valuable item collected in a summer camp of a junior high school are stolen by management mistake occurred - Togetter Summary

I ran away from the job question 2, it is seized and heavy Nagoya: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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Financial crisis Rush of refugees in Greece, prime minister screaming to ironic phenomenon "Japan's ability is exceeded" - Sankei news

The stock of TSUTAYA will be pressed into Takeo City library - Togetter Summary

Singapore "Happiness" World's lowest Asia should be the richest 50 years of foundation, "Capabilityism" stalemate (1/3 page) - Sankei News

Two morning noodles from the morning! Shizuoka prefecture Fujieda City's strange food culture "Morning Ra" Summary of famous local people love - everyone's rice

Monthly publication "Bungei Spring Autumn" posted "Spark" exceeded 1 million copies Number of copies of the second generation in the history of the magazine (1/3 page) - Sankei News

35 year loan or something too profitable to laugh ww You can build assets by building houses with others' money ww | Lifter ^ ^ ~ Eat meal on your blog ~

Since when have Ramen been preaching so much? Preface Published Ken Hayami = "Ramen and Patriotic" | Contemporary New Cafe Cafe | Contemporary Business [Kodansha]

Why did Ramen, which has only over 100 years history, become "national food"? Why is "ramen craftsman" wearing working clothes ?? Unique modern history that makes ramen's "evolution" superfluous with Japanese fluctuations after the war and emphasizes the nationality of the Japanese people. Hayami Hayami's Special "Ramen and Patriotic" Preface is Published!

"I want to know how you are teaching atomic bombs in Hiroshima in your country" overseas reaction | leisurely tasteless odorless powerful drugs

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I tried forecasting scallop shells with Amazon Machine Learning | Developers.IO

How did "comment craftsman" get out?: Hiromu's Blog magazine - Blog magazine

The endangered species of CA has been brought in only one year.
The main reasons are "NG sharing function", "poor quality of players", "diversification of audio-visual environment". Originally the wave of specification change was intense although the comment function was intense, but these three unprecedented big waves washed out things that I had built up so far.

So I would like to briefly explain the three factors.

Nantes over ¥ 120 billion a year! Whether this is going to be Google's 'way to escape tax' is making a profit, is this allowed? | The blind spot of the economy | Contemporary business [Kodansha]

Troubled: Internet · Trivia "Emoji"

Even if I regret it is slow ... What is the risk that girls' teenagers can not get back on 'Kiss movies'? : Nikkei Woman Online 【Easy to Understand! IT · Mobile introductory school]

About Disclosure Dispatched from Disney Twitter Account (@ Disneyjp) on August 9 | News Releases | Disney

Thank you very much for your patronage of Disney.
We deeply apologize for inappropriate expressions about tweets from the Disney Twitter account on August 9, which made everyone uncomfortable.

I was sorry to hear that such a thing happened due to insufficient attention about the transmission date. From now on, all the staff will pay close attention, strengthen the check function and we will continue to operate.

Walt Disney Japan Co., Ltd.

80% contact rate of smartphone movies in teenagers compete with television Half or more than 50 years old watch PC movies | Cyber ​​Agent Co., Ltd.

In 1995, the birth of the strongest private media: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Sakura Internet opens solar power plant in Ishikari city, Hokkaido ~ Challenge to utilize renewable energy at Ishikari data center ~

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Ship: This Breaking News Fleet This summary: [Ship] This is the official event The 2nd Ship The report went to this observation ship

Web weathering: ship There is no other thing that we should not turn our eyes away from this big "luckyness" problem, but do not unjustly step over others to deny it.

Bear news: "Delemas" A trail from identifying a home from the route Akagi Miria passed

Next · Preface version of the movie version "Wake Up, Girls! Youth's Shadows" Preview Video - YouTube

Speaking of swimsuit characters Tojo Nozomi Nanase Haruka, Yukata is Sonoda Ha and Sakawa Maho 3rd dimension is overwhelmingly supported by Hanazawa Kana and Miyano Mamoru Flyima app for "Otaku" "Otamaart" Swimwear · Yukata Questionnaire Result Announcement

[Reading attention] Introduce 10 types of manga of irrational human beings who died deadly 【spoiler attention】 - Today is Starfest festival!

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Mr. Malik was behind the extraordinary boom 30 years ago, "Women who do not know when going home ..." detailed report (1 / 5page) - Sankei news

Techno history in Japan How was the 199X techno listened, made and spoken? | Bxjp | note

This text traces the history of Japanese techno in the 1990s from historical materials. It was supposed to be included in a certain music book that was scheduled to be released several years ago, but time did not go out without eventually passing. I'd like to have the warehouse enter so I will put it out for note. It is that book that says "this book" in the sentence. "I was planning to come out, but I'm reading a book I did not come out ..." Please read with the feeling. It is about 2,000 characters.

Pull out headings first. I have not mentioned it since the 2000s.

■ What is "Japanese techno"
■ Birth of Techno and Second Summer of Love in 1988
■ Import of DJ boom and Detroit techno in Japan
■ Cognition on media and DELIC's technoization
■ Hardcore · Techno whirlwind and Juliana TOKYO opening
■ Techno Pop Revaluation to YMO Playback
■ 90's Tokyo-Techno · Scene's Fate
■ Revitalization of the domestic scene by the appearance of Ken Ishii
■ Electric groove "VITAMIN" success
Enlightenment by Techno Bonn and Techno vocational school
■ Inaugural publication of club music magazines
■ Diversification of labels and transition of scenes
■ Visualization of excitement of trans and scene
■ "Natural High !!" and the outbreak of outdoor events
■ Diversification / State of Techno to Universalize = Post Techno
■ Epilogue

A man enters a room of a lady who lives alone Talent continues

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Careful selection of ripe ripe use Kishu plum "phantom plum" used "squirt mochyo premium imaginary plum flavor" sweetness and umami spread premium sour moucho

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