Headline news on September 1, 2015

Broadcast begins on Sunday, October 4, 2015 "Kamen Rider Ghost'Special Preceding Movie has been released on YouTube's Toei Tokusatsu Official Channel. In this video, the transformation scene and the deathblow technique of Kamen Rider Ghost are opened to the public in advance of broadcasting.

【Kaiigan! 】 Masked Rider Ghost Special Priority Video 【Batch Miner! 】 [Official] - YouTube

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

What is the daily routine that ten prominent figures are doing every morning to get off the start of the day? - GIGAZINE

Incident occurred when the FPS game was played in the live situation when it came into the SWAT unit - GIGAZINE

I ate "Maruko trading" Fuku "which can enjoy the taste of Fugu at only 500 yen range - GIGAZINE

A movie that shows how Kubrick's works use single point perspectives - GIGAZINE

I went to eat Okinawa's "Irubu juice" using sea snake - GIGAZINE

The interior of the super "foodium Dojima" that aimed completely for convenience store defeat is amazing - GIGAZINE

Beautiful photos of a man dressed in a white white wedding dress going bearded bride Russia - GIGAZINE

An experimental movie that reacts mentos and cola in zero gravity state - GIGAZINE

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AIBO and others 25 To the future Technology Heritage Register NHK News

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Commemorative withdrawal of the Olympic emblem, TSE Shimbun pick campaign rush held: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Painful news (No ∀ `): Mr. Sano's plagiarism successively revealed poster of Tama Art University and unauthorized use of eyeglasses of" Zoff "- Livedoor blog

Were photographs of GLAFAS (Graphas) ​​used for the advertisement of Tama Art University where Mr. Kenjiro Sano served as art director? - Announcement from GLAFAS (Graphas) ​​| GLAFAS (Graphas) ​​- Glasses & sunglasses general information site - About glasses! Graphas

Painful news (No ∀ `): Sano Kenjiro Suspected for plagiarism at Tama Art University poster Do you trace images from personal blogs - Livedoor blog

Mr. Sano's draft, posters of exhibitions also pointed out on the net: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Regarding prime minister discourse, I am not American, so I do not talk about it | Pakkun (Patrick Harlan) | Column & Blog | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Ethnicity discrimination: document distribution in the workplace is mental distress, filing a complaint against worker - Mainichi Newspaper

According to the complaint, female worked at the company as a part-time staff since 2002. The chairperson said that the chairperson dispatched a daily work report written by employees to all the employees, etc. since 13 years, "I hate the nationality of Korea" and "ethnicities where lies are prevalent".

Toshiba gets confused amplified internal report at the last minute: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Olympus, the manager of the time was arrested in the 2011 false accounts settlement, was also about one month late for the announcement of financial results. Toshiba's unprecedented notion that stands four months behind the original plan stands out.

Currently, Shin Nihon & Audit Corporation and external consultancy companies are also working on settlement work with 250 people. The deadline for granting extension is one week. Troublesome convergence of confusion, if the work further delays, distrust of the stock market will deepen.

Toshiba who realized that homework can not be submitted within the deadline, and crying TSE into TSE: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

Security demonstration: gazing at overseas BBC "Young people woke up" German TV "increasing opposition to citizens" - Mainichi Newspapers

United Nations reaffirms the secretary-general's participation in the anti-Japanese ceremony Photo 1 International News: AFPBB News

Liberal Democratic Party Hiroshima Prefectural Assembly and others to withdraw the Security Bill NHK News

VOYAGE GROUP CO., LTD - Notice Regarding Design Approval of Part 1 of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Appeal for withdrawal of withdrawal reason for childcare leave Saitama · Tokawazawa NHK News

Clinton supports the prohibition of payment of high retirement payments to government officials turnover | Reuters

【Astonishment】 Overwhelming Islam in Al Qaeda and the Taliban with ISIS! Which boy 's cartoon it is! Is it? - Togetter Summary

Fukuoka small five defendant of killing girls, unconscious at a detention place of detention destination: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Germany: Prime Minister, motivation to accept refugees "accomplish" - Mainichi Newspapers

Considering the new party name "Osaka Ishinha no Kai" axis Governor Matsui revealed: Asahi Shimbun Digital

CNN.co.jp: 14-year-old boy dead in the amoeba which burns the brain Texas

"Nuclear plants are safe and thoughtful" cause IAEA accident report: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Gokubu" "Gokuboppi" stop quitting alcohol CM: Asahi Newspaper Digital

This is the only chart that is truly important to currency trader, which is painful - this is Bloomberg

"Kill girls indiscriminately" Wrote in the net Wrote high 1 student Hiroshima - Sankei WEST

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Notice of Closing Bookmark Bookmark - Izumi / Tokyo / Akihabara

Sumaho in the class OK announcement of opinion and animation learning, introduction at Nara: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Bullying, divorce, inheritance ... Compensation for attorney fees Initial in domestic insurance: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Japanese History of Violence" - Arisan's Note

"Apa Hotel 3 million yen" is a matter of course? : Nikkei Business Online

◯ ○ How many pieces of nutrition-packed foods are △ △? - Triuneko diary

Dark tourism: Let's travel on 'negative heritage' Special magazine launched - Mainichi Newspapers

Teenagers of homosexuality and bisexuals 40%, boyhood experience Professor Takarazuka University: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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ASCII.jp: Anyway it's wide and anything! Huawei's Shenzhen head office report

【Yajima PC Watch】 Automatically wake up in the middle of the night Windows 10, cause and solution Next issue - Home can also turn off sleep recovery by automatic update - PC Watch

Leo's Chronicle: Programmer's resume

About termination of "PC site viewer" service | 2015 | KDDI CORPORATION

The "PC site viewer" service has been offered as a service that can be viewed from au mobile phones from au mobile phones in December 2004, but due to the decrease in the number of users, .

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Production I. G acquired "Furikuri FLCL" copyright from Gainax

FMYKNOTE | Supra Toon Buki Comparison chart ver2.0.0 completed! It is!

"Tamayura Day 2015" Detailed Information | Tamayura ~ Graduation Photography ~

【Treasure excavation】 People who are somewhat stuck in the beauty of Gilbert's original painting discovered by Dr. Makoto Mineo - Togetter Summary

"Play, Doujin!" Blog - "DX library" to PS Vita and PS 4? | "Play, Doujin!" - Create doujin games on PlayStation®, Play.

For 5 consecutive months · Masami Yuuki 35th anniversary of painting start planning! The first bulletin "The Ultimate Super" Awfully Weekly Calendar is so amazing !! 【Monthly! Spirits October issue Appendix】 - Commisun (comic soon)

Illustration "Girls drawing explosive complaints to their boyfriends" is too strong and can not help laughing at all - Togetter Summary

Mainichi Shimbun Publication: Light Novel Label Launched in October Hideyuki Kikuchi, Masami Yuuki's Luxury Fabric - MANTANWEB (ま ん た ん Web)

"PlayStation Vita" New color "Aqua Blue" "Neon Orange" "Glacier White" will be released on Thursday, September 17

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I am writing to inform you. | It is nice weather today.

Originally I wanted to keep everything silent,
Due to the production direction, the situation that you can not go up to the stage has increased
I would like to explain the state of the current knee so that I do not worry unnecessarily on speculation.

Takajima former manager: Mr. Sakura's wife, Mr. Naoki Hydera to sue - Mainichi Newspaper

Rupo: a long-awaited magazine 'movie art' Hurry's crisis 'anti-mainstream' critique penetration 70 years passed downwards Unable to handle and support of people concerned also limits - Mainichi Newspaper

Ronbu Atsushi, Copipe Furious in the article "Come to the Interview!" Listen to the real intention - withnews (with news)

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Perfect for children who dislike vegetables. "Children's snacks" drinks with juice that you can drink as a snack | News Release | Corporate Information |

Finally! "Potero" First launch of "Potingu " rich in flavorfulness "Launched nationwide from 8th September | 2015 | News Release | Morinaga

"Grand Kirin Forest (Owl Nori)" is released only at convenience stores | 2015 | News Release | Giraffe

Glyco dairy, limited-edition "fine black petit pudding" ranked on sale for a limited time

(PDF file)Tokyo Disneyland "Polynesian Terrace / Restaurant" Renewal New Dinner Show "Mickey's Rainbow Luau" Started on Monday, March 21, 2016

(PDF file)"Look royal (luxurious Asamao) / (luxurious fruit)" released on Tuesday, September 15, 2015! "Look (a la mode)" "Look (chocolate 18)" It is released on Tuesday, September 29, 2015! (725 KB)

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