If you buy a Mac you get a $ 20,000 Beats headphone for free


Apple purchases the target Mac from July 23 (local time) 2015, about 20,000 yen headphones "Beats Solo 2We started a campaign for students who gave presents.

US Back to School 2015 (US 07.10.15) - Back_to_School_2015_Terms_Conditions_US.pdf
(PDF file)https://www.apple.com/promo/pdf/Back_to_School_2015_Terms_Conditions_US.pdf

Apple's 2015 Back to School deal: free Beats Solo 2 headphones with Mac purchase | 9to5Mac

Apple has launched a campaign to purchase the latest models of iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro for student fee, and give free gift of about 20,000 yen headphones "Beats Solo 2". If you pay an extra $ 100 (about 12,000 yen), you will receive 30,000 yen wireless headphones "Solo 2 WirelessIt is also possible to change it.

In 2014 we had a campaign for students who gifted gift cards when buying the target Mac, iPhone, iPad, but this time campaign does not include iPhone / iPad, Mac mini also deviates from target product It is. This campaign is not announced on Apple's website and so on, only the PDF file has been released, but it has begun quietly for a limited time from July 23 to September 18.

Please note that this student campaign is limited to the American Apple Online Store and the Apple Store, but since the 2014 gift card campaign was also taking place in Japan, a similar campaign may start in Japan as well.

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