A man who lives a life like "mileage, my life" that fly around the world with free

Ben SchlappigHe is a 25-year-old blogger who fly around the world by acquiring a ticket for free. He spends most of his life on an airplane, and he is in the sky for six hours a day. For example, I am living a life like Hong Kong, Jakarta, Tokyo and returning to New York in 69 hours in a weekend, so I almost never leave the airport. When staying at the hotel, it is a first class hotel suite, but this also does not pay money. When calculated from 2014 it is flying a distance of 400,000 miles (about 640,000 km) equivalent to 16 laps of the earth in just one year, the movie "Mileage, My LifeRolling Stone reveals the half-life of a man who goes on the ground.

Up in the Air: Meet the Man Who Flies Around the World for Free | Rolling Stone

Mr. Schlappig said "How to get a ticket almost free of charge with 5 credit cardsA blog that provides deals on aviation relations such as "One Mile at a TimeWe are managing. Although we update about six times every day, the secret to gather a large number of readers is not merely in the how-to article, but by actually practicing that method Schlappig himself actually lives a gorgeous life itself It is one factor.

Mr. Schlappig tilts champagne in the first class of airplanes reflected in the following picture.

It was around the age of 13 that Mr. Schlappig found a way to get tickets such as First Class for free. He said that IQ was overwhelmingly superior to other brothers and he liked airplanes since childhood. Mr. Schlappig found outFlyerTalkIt was a website called. FlyerTalk is a worldwide forum for all airline information, such as information on cheap tickets displayed by system bugs, and information with holes in the airline's system is on the verge of flight.

Mr. Schlappig initiallyUnited AirlinesAiming to become the top member of the company, a variety of techniques, such as intricate techniques that take advantage of airline ticketing algorithm bugs over the course of a year and airline mileage programs that began around the end of 1970 I learned about "air ticket trick".

Next you will need a lot of credit card. Schlappig who investigated the airline's system has a technique to acquire the point of cooperation between the bank and the airline by collecting as many credit cards as possible and canceling it, but a lot of credit card Effectively use "Manufactured Spending"I know the technique. As airline partnership cards get points according to payment, airmanians purchase gift cards etc. that can be sold at almost the same price as the bid price with credit cards and use them for paying, so that miles and points I was using the method to get.

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Mr. Schlappig found that Manufactured Spending is actually a useful tool, this method is similar to the table game of casino, understanding that the airline is the parent and the practitioner is the game of "trump gambler" did. He succeeded in allowing parents to take their own actions by changing the ticket for economy seats for Germany who actually purchased on family trips to the first class for free. By the age of 15, Mr. Schlappig's father seems to be supporting the "hobby", such as transferring Mr. Schlappig who fly around the world on weekends.

In this way, Mr. Schlappig recorded a flight of 500,000 miles on the 17th birthday, for example, by repeating the flight between Chicago, Osaka, San Francisco and Seoul at the age of 16, crossing the Pacific Ocean six times with one trip, etc. Did. Mr. Schlappig, who had a much different experience with ordinary high school students, finds it more meaningful to act with FlyerTalk activists than classmates. Although he entered the University of Florida in 2007, he said he continued FlyerTalk's activities. At that time, the popular blog "One Mile at a Time" was launched, and the "hobby" that I learned until that time will become a business.

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After that, Mr. Schlappig returned a ticket mistakenly sold with his friends and got a voucher for 200 dollars to 400 dollars (about 24,000 yen to 50,000 yen) "Flight · Bumping(Flight venting) "to develop software that predicts phenomena, you will be able to manipulate certain kinds of free money called" vouchers ". Also, in order to receive an "apology voucher" that can be obtained if there is a miscarriage in an airline company, Mr. Schlappig saved a voucher by looking for a headlight failure etc. every time of flight. Mr. Schlappig said that "the arrogance of teenagers who can manipulate the system easily can be tempted to boost the limit of the game."

However, at that time, Mr. Schlappig showed a voucher of more than $ 10,000 (about 1.24 million yen) inadvertently to a reporter at the New York Times, which means that United Airlines "permanently stops the account because of misuse of the system" You will receive a delivery certificate that says. The letter was also asked to return $ 4755 (about 590,000 yen) as the amount of damages to exploit the system, but Ms. Schlappig said, "Rules are forcibly pushed up, but we have not done illegal things" And we will not accept the refund. United said that it will not issue official comments on Mr. Schlappig's case and Ms. Schlappig also contacted United Airlines to send a bill, but no reply.

Since that time, Mr. Schlappig began monetizing a full-fledged blog and began travel consulting using the mileage service "PointsPros" successfully. An immensely complex airline mileage rule created a market among the confused travelers and succeeded in putting PointsPros on orbit. As of 2015, Mr. Schlappig's revenue is made up of three pillars, with the first being advertisement, the second being PointsPros, the third being from a card company with a credit card subscription rate from blog It is about the commission.

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The movie "Mileage, My Life" is the movie as follows.

Mileage, My Life (subtitled version) - YouTube

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