Reasons for the mysterious low frequency sound "Hum" to drive people into suicide revealed

ByMichael LaMartin

It is a mysterious low frequency sound "Hum" that has been observed all over the world for decades. Its mechanism has not been elucidated, and it was known as a mysterious phenomenon that there are people who can hear it in the same place and people who can not hear it, but at last the cause of noise generationFrench National Center for Scientific ResearchI caught on.

How ocean waves rock the Earth: Two mechanisms explain microseisms with periods 3 to 300 s - Ardhuin - 2015 - Geophysical Research Letters - Wiley Online Library

Have you heard 'the hum'? Mystery of Earth's low droning noise could now be solved - Nature - Environment - The Independent

Details of the mysterious low frequency sound "Hum" occurring all over the world and plaguing a lot of people are explained in detail in the following article.

What is the low frequency sound "Hum" that has occurred all over the world for over several decades but is unresolved? - GIGAZINE

An inexplicable noise phenomenon that was taken up as "Bristol Hum" in British media around the end of 1970 has been occurring for more than 40 years, and reports of suicide by stress by Hum have also been reported. According to BBC's interview in the 1970's, 8 million people complained of headache, insomnia, etc. due to this noise, but not everyone was heard even in the area where noise of Hum occurred. Until Addenbrooke's Hospital announced "noise is an external factor" in the 1990's, it was also diagnosed as "listening ability problem" of patients complaining of noise.

Regarding the causes of low frequency sounds, pipelines laid at the bottom of the ocean, radio wave towers of mobile phones, wind power plants, submarine low frequency communication, marine creatures, etc. were mentioned, but Hum It can not explain the phenomenon that occurred, and detailed causes were not clarified.

BySimon Roberts

It was Fabrice Ardhuin, a researcher at the French National Science Research Center, which identified the cause of such Hum. According to the paper published by Mr. Ardhuin, micro seismic activity is occurring throughout the Earth due to the pressure of ocean waves acting on the ocean floor, and as a result, low frequency sound like Hum is generated about. Although the microearthquake activity generating low frequency sound is occurring in the cycle of 13 to 300 seconds, most people do not hear the low frequency sound generated at this time. Therefore, the phenomenon of Hum "Only some people suffer from noise" occurs.

Ardhuin says, "We were able to take a big step to unraveling the mechanism of the mysterious noise that has been going on for many years." In addition, this research will help to deepen the understanding of the Earth's structure, and researchers explain.

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