The details of the "mysterious noise" that the earth is producing are newly found, there is no difference depending on the season and the natural frequencies are also obvious

ByNASA Johnson

It has been known that the earth, which is an ultra-gigantic sphere in the universe, has issued "mysterious noise" that vibrates with a sound that is too low to be heard by the human ear, but observations on the ocean floor From the new research using the equipment, one detailed figure was also revealed.

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The Earth is making a weird noise, and researchers have no idea why - BGR

Noise generated by the earth is thought to originate from the planet itself, the earth, which is a giant object, not the one that human beings and other creatures are born. First of all, this vibration was noticed greatly in 1959, and about 40 years later in 1997, the paper "CONTINUOUS FREE OSCILLATIONS: Atmosphere-Solid Earth Coupling"Was announced and attention again gathered its existence.

And this time, the research team of scientists such as France, UK, Germany, etc. conducted detailed analysis for the first time using the data of the seismograph installed on the seabed. The seismograph covers the range of about 3000 square kilometers such as the Indian Ocean and the Madagascar Sea, and the observation data for 2012 from 2012 to 2013 is used.

The research team, from the high-precision vibration waveform in which a plurality of seismometer has observed, by removing the vibration or electronically born noise that big wave of marine produce, that washed out the only vibration that the Earth itself is creating He said that he succeeded. It was clarified there that the Earth depends on natural frequencyFree vibration, And its frequency is2.9 mHertz to 4.5 mIt was the fact that it was.

There are many people who do not have familiar ears so often, but this means vibration cycle 1000 times slower than usual Hertz (Hz). "1 mHz" is a very slow oscillation that oscillation occurs once in over 1000 seconds, in other words, the frequency of "2.9 mHertz to 4.5 mhz" revealed this time is "1000 seconds (= about 16.66 minutes Very slow oscillation that shakes from 2.9 times to 4.5 times during the period ". By the way, it is completely impossible to hear this vibration with your ears. The lowest sound that human beings can perceive with their ears is generally said to be 20 hertz oscillating 20 times per second, and the vibration of the earth is vibrations (= low sound) with a cycle that is nearly 1000 times as long as that.

Filtering the waveform of vibration obtained from multiple seismographs to remove unnecessary noise and analyzing by fast Fourier transform is as followsspectrogram. In the upper spectrogram, it can be seen that the vibration energy concentrates in the range from 2.9 mHz to 3.9 mHz. Also, as a result of the analysis, there was no relationship between this phenomenon and seasonal change.

Ultra low cycle vibration that the Earth has been generating has been thought to be influenced by ocean waves, but from the current survey conducted using data excluding the influence of waves , The existence of another source of vibration is highlighted. Various factors such as the balance of gravity of the moon, the sun, and the solar system as a whole can be considered as a cause due to the flow of magma inside the Earth, the earthquakes occurring in various places around the world, the geomagnetism, I would like to pay attention to whether its true figure will be revealed.

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