Japanese Supercomputer "Kyo" finally recaptured the world's No. 1

In the ranking of November 2014 last time "Kyo"Was No. 2, but on July 13 (Japan time July 14) at the International Conference on High Performance Computing: High Performance Computing Technology (HPC) held in Frankfurt, Germany" ISC 2015 " It turned out that I was recaptured 1st in the published Graph 500 ranking.

Supercomputer "Kyo" recaptured the world's No. 1 in Graph 500 | RIKEN

This time, the measurement scale of Graph 500 was the 82,124 units out of the 88,128 nodes of "Kyo", which is the program scale consisting of 16 trillion branches with about 1 trillion vertices We succeeded in solving the breadth first search problem for large scale graphs in 0.45 seconds.

First place to tenth place are as follows in order.

RankSystem nameInstallation locationvendorCountry nameNumber of nodesProgram ScaleGTEPS
1K computerRIKEN Computer Science Research OrganizationFujitsuDay82, 9444038,621
2SequoiaLawrence Livermore LaboratoryIBMRice98, 3044123, 751
3MiraArgonne LabIBMRice49, 1524014, 982
FourJUQUEENYurich LabIBMGermany16,384385,848
FiveFermiCINECAIBMItaly8, 192372,567
6Tianhe 2ANational Defense Science and Technology UniversityNUDTDuring ~8, 192362,061
7Blue JouleDaresbury LabIBMBritish4,096361,427
7DIRACUniversity of EdinburghIBMBritish4,096361,427
7AvocaVictoria State Life Sciences Calculation InitiativeIBMAustralia4,096361,427

In addition, although the score of the benchmark was 19,777 GTEPS (Gigatops) in June 2014 and 19,582 GTEPS in November 2014, the international collaborative research group efficiently uses the whole system of "Kyo" Algorithms to make it possible have been made, and this time we achieved nearly twice the performance improvement, and it was the world's No. 1 8686 GTEPS.

The computer room is as follows, the main body of "Kyo" consists of 864 computer cabinets (racks), consisting of cables totaling over 200,000 and totaling more than 1000 km, and efficiently In order to be able to arrange and wire, the third floor of the computer building that houses the "Kyo" main body is a vast space of 50 m × 60 m without any pillar. You should know how wonderful it is if you are a person who has seriously considered the data center or the place to put the server.

In addition, the background to the development of "Kyo" is clearly understood by looking at the following movie.

Development of Supercomputer "Kyo" - YouTube

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