Amazon ranked 64th and Kyoto in Japan ranked fourth in supercomputer ranking latest edition

ByBrookhaven National Laboratory

We will announce the ranking of the top 500 in the world's fastest computer system once every six monthsTOP 500However, we released the latest version of super computer rankings. The top is "Tianhe 2 No." of the National Defense Science and Technology University, "Kyo" developed by RIKEN and Fujitsu of Japan is fourth as well as last time. It is noteworthy even among rankings,127 th last timeSuperior computer of Amazon Web Services ranked up from 64th to 64thAmazon EC 2 C 3 Instance cluster"is.

Top 500 List - November 2013 | TOP 500 Supercomputer Sites

Machine "C3" just released the other day"Amazon EC 2 C 3 Instance cluster" has recorded the theoretical computing capacity of 484.2 TFlop / s with 26 6496 cores.

The Amazon EC 2 C 3 Instance cluster uses an Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 processor with 10 cores and a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz. Amazon's highest ranking in TOP 500's supercomputer ranking was the 42nd rank recorded in 2011, then the computer at that time was No. 165 in this ranking.

ByPacific Northwest National Laboratory

In addition, the latest version of the super computer ranking first to tenth published by TOP 500 is as follows.

◆ No. 1 (previous ranking 1st): Tianhe 2 (Chinese National Defense Science and Technology University) Number of cores 3,120,000 · Theoretical computing capacity 33,862.7 T flop / s
◆ 2nd (previous 2nd): Titan (American Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Number of cores 566, 6 · Theoretical computing capacity 17 thousand 90 Tflop / s
◆ 3rd place (last time 3rd place): Sequoia (Lawrence · Livermore National Laboratory, USA) Number of cores 1,57 28,864 · Theoretical calculation capacity 11,773 T flop / s
◆ No. 4 (previous ranking 4th): Kyoto (RIKEN co) Number of cores 700 thousand 5024 · Theoretical computing capacity 1510 T flop / s
◆ No. 5 (previous ranking 5th): Mira (Argonne National Laboratory, USA) Number of cores 788 6432 · Theoretical calculation capacity 8586.6 T flop / s
◆ No. 6 (first appearance): Piz Daint (Swiss National Supercomputing Center) Number of cores 115,584 pieces · Theoretical calculation capacity 6271 T flop / s
◆ No. 7 (previous ranking 6th): Stampede (Texas Higher Computing Center, USA) Number of cores 4 462 2462 · Theoretical computing capacity 5168.1 T flop / s
◆ No. 8 (previous ranking 7th): JUQUEEN (Research Institute for Eurich Germany) Number of cores 458752 · Theoretical calculation capacity 5008.9 T flop / s
◆ No. 9 (previous ranking 8th): Vulcan (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA) Number of cores 390,232 16 · Theoretical calculation capacity 4293.3 T flop / s
◆ No. 10 (previous 9th): SuperMUC (Germany Leibniz Research Center) Number of cores 140 thousand 7456 · Theoretical calculation capacity 2897 T flop / s

As a supercomputer running in Japan, the Tokyo Institute of Technology's Science and International Information Center's "TSUBAME 2.5"Is No. 11," International Fusion Energy Research Center "Helios"Is No. 24, the University of Tokyo Information Infrastructure Center"Oakleaf-FX"Is ranked 30th and so on.

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