Five parts of the whole body How movable is the fully movable "Revoltech Hello Kitty"?

Five movable parts of the whole body which made various displays possible, such as a sitting pose (long sitting position) with legs stretched and a walking pose, with a total of 5 positions of head, arm and foot moved,Revoltech Hello KittyWill be released from Kaiyodo on 15th December 2013. How long will it move? It is a point to worry about, but since I was able to borrow the sample version of Revoltech Hello Kitty, I actually moved and tried to take various poses.

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The package looks something like this.

Hello Kitty can move the hands and feet to take various poses, replace faces, and have optional parts in hand with magnets. Prototype productionYaskhichi YamaguchiHe is.

I tried out from the package.

Set contents are Revoltech Hello Kitty body, option face, apples, easel, crayons, dedicated base.

Revoltech Hello Kitty is about 6 cm in length, roughly half the size of the iPhone 5s.

It fits comfortably in the hand.

I tried to stand on the table. In addition, I borrowed this time is a sample version whose white part is the molding color, the official product is painted in matt white all, it increases the texture and the quality is also planned to be high.

Because of the sample version, on the back of Hello Kitty is the word "sample".

By moving the face, hands and feet, let's actually move it. First, face.

Tilt to the left ... ....

Tilt to the right.

It is also possible to face sideways.

It rotates 360 degrees, so you can turn it backwards.

It looks a bit downright.

Attitude looked up.

Arm can also be rotated around 360 degrees. I tried stretching my hands forward.

Wind that raises one hand and greeting.

You can also move your legs.

What is going on? Thinking, looking down Hello Kitty from the bottom, there are two joints in the leg ......

By moving this joint, you can pose Hello Kitty freely, such as walking poses or sitting poses.

By changing the face front, you can enjoy 2 patterns of expression.

Hello Kitty of sitting pose while winking.

Magnets are used for Hello Kitty's arms and it is also possible to have optional crayons and apples that are also used by magnets.


If you use a dedicated base you can keep it paused and display it.

"I thought it was a bit too big ... ..." I thought, but I could have apples well.

In addition, the price at Amazon is 1794 yen including tax. Revoltech Hello Kitty: Hobby

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