I chose the place to paste and the adhesive strength does not weaken. I tried using the evolved sticky note "Magnetic"

Sticky notes sticking to walls with adhesive are dropped immediately, or they can not be stuck on places where they are strange. Such a big evolution of the conventional sticky note which has not evolved much for 50 years is "MagneticSo, because it is an epoch - making product that chooses a place to stick with the force of static electricity, I tried it in practice.

MAGNETIC: Paper That Sticks to Walls by Tesla Amazing - Kickstarter

Tesla Amazing!

Magnetic has various sizes and types, but this time it is S · M · L size of "magnetic NOTES", A 3 · A 4 · A 5 size of "magnetic pad", "magnetic boards" of 70 × 52 cm, for printing "Magnetic seats", an extra sticker arrived.

This is S · M size of magnetic NOTES. In both cases there are several color variations such as orange · pink · green · yellow · light blue · white · purple · transparent etc.

Compared to iPhone 5 size this much. M size magnetic NOTES is closest to the size of the most common sticky note.

Magnetic NOTES spells 100 sheets. Because the sheet much thinner than plain paper is integrated with static electricity, if you bend it lightly it will keep shape as it is like the following.

Peeling off the plastic sheet and ...

I was clinging to my hands with the power of static electricity.

Magnetic NOTES basically stick to any material if it is not wet place. I tried to paste it on the door for testing.

Just by lightly hitting the magnetic NOTES on the door, the end floats a little ... ...

If you hold it tightly with your hands or lightly rub it on the door, it sticks firmly. Adhesive has been attached only to a part of the paper until now, but since the entire sheet fits perfectly with the object, it is difficult to peel off.

After that, it is ok if you write a message with a pen, but it is recommended to use a ballpoint pen, a pencil, an oil pen, etc. because it is repellent because it is an aqueous pen.

You can use not only the surface with color, but also the back side.

Since the material on the back side is different from the surface with color, if you write a letter with a marker for whiteboard etc ... ...

It can be erased with fingers and it is easy to rewrite.

S size and material are the same as M size.

By using magnetic NOTES, walls and doors will change to message boards quickly. In the case of ordinary sticky notes, the adhesive strength weakens and falls to the floor, but the whole sheet sticks with the force of static electricity The magnetic NOTES is excellent also not easily dropping.

It is possible to check from the following movie how you can paste and peel off many times without lowering the adhesive strength of Magnetic.

Select a place to paste Evolution type sticky not falling in adhesive strength "Magnetic" - YouTube

L size of magnetic NOTES is like this.

Unlike S · M size, it is an elongated sticky note.

I firmly stuck to the decorated wallpaper.

In addition, there is also A3 · A4 · A5 size "magnetic pad". Each spells 50 copies.

As a sticky note, it is about too large a notebook or sketchpad, but it also sticks to the wall. However, compared to metals and doors, the power to stick to the wallpaper of a soft material that is decocted is weak. Although it did not fall for several days reviewed, it may be that it may fall off further after a while.

A place to watch a little is the place where the wind such as a cooler hit.

As the wind hit directly, the edges of the sheet turned up and eventually it would fall to the floor, so let's stick it where the wind does not hit directly.

The largest of the series is 70 x 52 cm magnetic boards. Even this was perfectly stuck anywhere, even if it pasted for more than a week, there was nothing like falling by its own weight.

Those written in erasers for whiteboards can be eliminated crisply, so they can be used as children's graffiti space and meetings and discussions can be done without choosing a place.

Finally "magnetic seats" for printing

It corresponds to laser printer only in A4 size.

It actually looks like this when printing photos.

Does it become a bundle with the force of static electricity, the printer will get jammed? I thought that, before printing, paper and paper did not stick together, only the paper stuck together after printing.

Peel off the magnetic seats from Periperi and the backing ... ...

Petit and put it on the wall it looks like this. It will be quite useful as it will allow you to paste pictures and pictures without damaging the wall.

When peeling the magnetic seats from the baseboard, the paper rolled and sometimes could not be cleanly stuck, but if it rubbed against the wall and caused static electricity etc, it was possible to manage somehow.

The Magnetic series is currently selling reservations. Magnetic NOTES has one S size of 1.49 dollars (about 180 yen), M size of 2.49 dollars (about 300 yen), L size of $ 4.99 dollars (about 610 yen), magnetic pads A5 got $ 5.99 (about 730 yen ), A4 is $ 14.99 (about 1840 yen), A3 is $ 29.99 (about 3680 yen). For magnetic boards, it is $ 14.99 (about 1840 yen) for 5 pieces. Ten pieces are $ 19.99 (about 2450 yen), 20 pieces is $ 34.99 (about 4300 yen), magnetic seats are $ 24.99 (about 3070 yen) for 15 pieces and $ 39.99 for 50 pieces About 4900 yen), and 100 pieces entered is $ 74.99 (about 9200 yen).

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