"Donald · McDonald" opens a true face, accepts an interview with "I am the happiest person in the world"

In Japan, an interview picture of McDonald 's mascot character' Ronald McDonald 'known as' Donald' has been released. The eighth Ronald sings karaoke in an astringent atmosphere, preaches the importance of healthy eating, talks about "Luckyness of being Ronald" together with appearance of interacting with children at amusement parks.

Ronald on Vimeo

The movie starts from the streets of Las Vegas.

Someone came out of a car parked in front of a one - story building.

A man sitting on the poolside and smoking a cigarette.

"It is a really wonderful life, I am aware that I am the happiest person in the world," said Joe McGard who served as Ronaldo. About the time when the story of Ronald's coming came, "I refused at the beginning, I thought," What a funny role it is, "I talked about it.

In response to the question "Do you still have costumes?", "Clowns are there, I am ready at any time with other superheroes."

"He resembles me but he is not me."

One microphone placed in the room.

The television shows a karaoke screen ......

Joe singing out.

It is a really cool singing voice.

Singing is "Send In The Clowns (Theme / Sorrow of Crown)"

And then when it appears between cameras ... ...

It was Ronald McDonald, not Joe. Mr. Joe worked as an official mascot of McDonald's from 1995 to 2007. Of the Ronald who has nine people so far, it corresponds to the eighth generation.

"Yes, you are Ronald," Joe says, "You are Ronald?" "Joe exists, but I am Ronald."

"Is there a border line?" When asked "Is there a Joe between me and Joe, I have a clown on the day I play Ronald", I will return it.

Ronald is more open and funny than Joe.

"Where are you going to go?" Asked, "Of course, it's a carnival! Do you want to come with us? It's fun, I meet the nice people and make them smile, I love carnival." Ronald and the exciting.

In the question "Do you drive a car with that shoe?" Is "This is a magical shoe, it will be fun to wear," it returns.

That's why Ronald leaves home.

Drive a car ... ....

To the amusement park.

High touch with a girl at once.

I will walk around with people. It is officially Joe who is supposed to serve as Ronald until 2007, but he is still working as Ronald still.

Although Ronald is "McDonald's" Happy Chief Officer ", he also has the role of teaching people about" healthy eating habits ". Obesity is regarded as a problem among children in the United States, but Ronald as Ja - san is trying to preserve children 's health by teaching options such as "I can eat a hamburger but not every meal" I will.

"How long will it take to become that dress?" Asked "It's three hours"

It seems that already Ronald for Joe is not "work" but "part of life".

Interact with various people at amusement park ......

I will leave one amusement park.

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