What is a woman who continued to deliver the only entertainment to the Romanian people in communist era?

It is said that the live broadcast is never done in North Korea. This is to prevent unexpected regime criticism etc. This kind of speech control was done in the old Communist state as it was, and Romania in the 1980s is no exception. However, in Romania, there was a woman who took actions at the risk of living to provide "entertainment" that is the only one to the public without worrying about the dangers of the ruled country, surrounding the rigorous monitoring of the administration.

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In the 1980s Romania,Nicolae · CeauşescuUnder the dictatorship by the president, television broadcasting was limited to two hours a day, and the program was forced to live with almost no entertainment, with the propaganda of the regime dripping down.

However, since the mid-1980sVHSPeople who were hungry for entertainment were deeply deprived of people who were hungry for entertainment when the images of the Western countries represented by American Hollywood movies escape the eyes of the regime on tape, and they circulated the videotape and rented it It seems that a night-night movie was screened.

Of course it was formed with the Soviet Union as the leadCommunist campSince it is a legal degree such as entertainment movies of Western countries, the screening was quietly performed so as to steal the eyes of the secret police. It was a Rumanian citizen who looked at the scenery of Western countries reflected in a secret screening with a gaze of envy, but all of those movies were dubbed by the same woman.

To the Romanian people, the identity of a mysterious woman Irina Margarita Nister who offered the best entertainment has been revealed in the following documentary movie after almost 30 years.

"A father's colleague had a video player, so everyone gathered at that person and watched the video every night," a woman talks. At that time she was still a girl, but she said that she was excited at the secret preview.

Films screened are Hollywood movies and so on, but Western works only.

The two men who were 8 or 9 years old at the time said that they still remember the voice someone calls "Now that's a movie night."

A man who talks that "everything that is not communism was illegal." He seems to have been shocked by the world not communist.

Jean · Claude · VandamYaSylvester · StalloneAction movies such as are full of bombing scenes.

"I did not know where these movie videos came from and who made them," said the man.

"At that time, I did not care who wrote this video, but gradually I gradually began to wonder about the" voice "that always comes out in the movies."

"The voice of a woman who is dubbing a movie is the best-known voice in Romania"

"I wanted to know exactly what the Lord of the voice is doing"

"I did not think there was a body in that woman, she was just a" voice "... ... As many people testify, Nister's voice blown into videotape is a big impression for people It seems to have given.

Mr. Nister served as a national broadcaster since 1983. In the work, film translation of request of censorship committee was included, too.

At that time, the rich living of Western countries was said to never be telecasted in Romania.

November 5, 1985. A colleague working at a television station said, "Does anyone seek a translator for a movie film that you have newly acquired so you can meet?" Nister was invited. The cited person had a VHS tape.

It was the movie of Western countries that was recorded on VHS tape. From this time, Nister's job of translating movies of Western countries secretly brought into Romania domestically started dubbing.

A woman wearing a headset. She is Mr. Nister, the Lord of the most famous voice in Romania.

"When I saw the movie, adrenaline seemed to run around in the body," Nister said. I saw the movie as far as I could see and tried as much translation as possible.

The best reason is "the pleasure of watching a movie." Mr. Nister was able to touch the outside world of Romania by watching a movie.

I was told that the time I was translating felt like it was released from prison.

The secret police of the Chausiusque regime are doing unrelenting reconnaissance without rest for 24 hours and talk that Mr. Nister continued dubbing the movie without being able to predict what would happen to himself.

The number of films Nister translated under pressure exceeded 3000 ... ...

Nister's movie became a social phenomenon. Every Romanian citizen knew the world outside of Romania by the voice of Mr. Nister.

"Her voice was a" door "opened to Western countries, from which we could see what the free world in the West is like"

"It was an attempt to overcome the Communist regime, that was what made me satisfy," Nister said.

"People in Romania learned from the movies what clothing people in the Western countries wore, what they eat, how they talked, and what kind of freedom they had ... ...

It was a totally different world from Romanian daily life. "

The Cheroussche government collapsed in 1989. The appearance that the president and the wife of the president were executed publicly shocked the world a lot. thisRomanian RevolutionBehind the scenes, the voice of a single woman who continued to convey the situation of the world to the people might have been the driving force.

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