I tried Nissin 's "Cup Noodle Massa Man Curry" that responded to the voice of re - release hope and Kare - Mesh - for - soup which was newly added

We released in November 2014 "Cup Noodle Massa Man Curry Big"Was very popular and there were lots of voices that wanted to be released again, Nissin responded to that request in a normal size"Cup Noodles Massa Man Curry"As a new menu"Nissin Massassan Curry Messia"Spice kitchen Massa man curry for soupWe released the. I bought it and tried it to eat what kind of flavor the newly added curry meshes and four soup had.

"Cup Noodle Massan Curry" "Nissin Massassan Curry Messia" "Spice Kitchen Massan Man Curry For Soup" (released on July 6th) | Nissin Food Group

From the left "Cup Noodle Massan Curry" (194 yen including tax), "Nissin Massassan Curry Messi" (238 yen tax), "Spice Kitchen Massan Curry For Soup" (173 yen including tax). Both are packages purple based on "Cup Noodle Massa Man Curry Big" released in November 2014.

First of all, from regular size "Cup Noodle Massa Man Curry".

I have not found anything special that has changed in raw materials.

If you dare to mention what is not in a regular cup noodle, such as coconut milk. 380 kcal per meal.

When you opened the lid, sliced ​​potatoes entered the rug.

Next I will look at the contents of "Massa Man Curry Messia".

Although two items other than this product are only to wait with pouring hot water, Kalemeji has the difference of pouring water and cooking range.

Raw material is like this, rice part · processed oil, salt · salt is used. 450 kcal in one meal.

When you peel off the lid, the rice and the ingredients are mixed. By the way, although the lid is completely peeled off, it is OK at the time of cooking, so leave it without throwing it away.

The last is "Four Soup."

Spices are concretely written as garlic, coriander, red peppers, star anise, nutmeg, pepper, cumin, cinnamon, clove and mecha.

It is 111 kcal with one meal.

Put in a bag and put in a bag of powdered soup and take it out. In addition, leave the lid in the state of half peeling off.

Complete cooking preparation after putting the powder soup in the container slowly.

First of all it takes time from Kare Messes. Prepare 260 ml of water.

I will pour it in.

If you do not have a measuring cup or the like, pour water according to the inner line OK.

Put on the lid which I just peeled off, cook it for 4 minutes 30 seconds if 600 W, 5 minutes 30 seconds if 500 W.

Just a moment and pour hot water into cup noodle and for soup ......

Wait 3 minutes.

Just to set the time, it is completed.

"Cup noodle Massa man curry" is the feeling that it is the one which reduced the size of the big size which was selling before just to the regular size. Soup is sweeter than hot but it tastes like curry udon. Unlike cup noodle curry, the meat is chicken and the flavor drifting through it is quite different. However, both have common taste that matches white rice, and it seems likely to eat white rice in addition.

"Kalemessi" together with such rice. Like cup noodle massassan curry, this is a little sweet taste. However, it is a spicy taste that will remain in the back of the nose, and the spoon will advance.

And at the end is Four Soup. I thought that the thick soup of Massa Man curry would fit with a healthy for, but when I eat it as a for - soup it is perfectly refreshing taste. I do not want to eat cup noodles gutsuri, but when I am hungry or when I want to keep something healthy for a while, it would be good to choose this faux soup.

For both items, I wrote "The most delicious and topic Thai southern curry in the world" in the package, I thought that the hurdles of people's hands are raised too much, but try to eat Although it is somewhat different from general curry, "It is true, it is definitely good" It was a taste of satisfaction.

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