"The Evolution of Nintendo Controllers!" You can understand the history that the game controller of Nintendo has greatly evolved!


There are many soft and hard games for games that Nintendo sent out to the world, but the controller for operating the game has evolved gradually in shape and button each time it follows the age. The history of such Nintendo's controller was changed to 1980's "Game & WatchFrom 2012 "Wii U"The movies that followed in order"The Evolution of Nintendo Controllers!"is.

The Evolution of Nintendo Controllers! | Game / Show | PBS Digital Studios - YouTube

Nintendo 's history of game controllers will be touched by PBS Game / Show that has released talk movies about the game on YouTubeJamin WarrenMr.

"Nintendo's game controller has" uniqueness "that is lacking in other companies' products," says Warren. Although game companies continue to make improvements to the design of their game consoles, Warren says "Nintendo's design is consistently going through my path."

First released in 1980Game & WatchFrom. Nintendo's developer, Kampei Yokoi, games & watchUtilizing the making technology of the calculatorIt is Nintendo's first portable game machine that we developed.

In the game & watch, there were only 2 buttons for the character's operation, and the character was able to move only in the left and right direction.

Two years after the release of the game & watch 1982, a multi-screen game & watch donkey Kong appeared.

Game & watch Donkey Kong can operate up and down, left and right instead of conventional left buttonFour-way controller(D-PAD)Was attached.

By the appearance of the four - way key, you can now operate Mario easily, such as climbing the ladder up and down and moving to the left and right to avoid beams.

Subsequently it was released in Europe and the United States in 1985Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)Controller. NES appeared in Japan in 1983NES(NES)It is based on.

In NES, the cross key was set in the main operation.

In addition, a special controller for NES that allows fine command operationPower gloveAbout PBS Game / Show comment that "Great game hard is not necessarily preferred".

at that time,AtariAlthough the controller had a joystick which can move freely 360 degrees ... ...

In contrast, Nintendo was adopting a cross stick that allows you to move the character straight up, down, left, and right.

It seems simple that the character can just move straight, but thanks to this function I can climb ug without slipping ......

It is possible to go down the clay pipe for warp.

In addition to Mario there are a lot of software essential for the existence of cross key at play.

For example, in Mike Tyson Punch Out, in order to hit a punch on the face, it was necessary to combine the A / B button and the arrow key "↑".

It appeared in 1990 as a successor to NintendoSuper Famicom(The name in Europe and the United States is "Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)").

With the same shape as conventional NESCON ......

The number of round buttons on the right side has doubled to 4 pieces. Nintendo'sShigeru MiyamotoHe added that the button was added for the plan that "Mario carries a dinosaur (Yoshi)" plan that was warming from the time of development of Super Mario Bros.

It was possible to run and jump Mario by using the two A / B buttons installed in the NES controller.

After Mario rides Yoshi you can not do "get off" with just two buttons.

Therefore, add buttons ......

It is possible that the movement "Mario gets off from Yoshi" is possible.

In addition, the L · R button was added to the left and right of the upper part of the controller. By using L · R buttons, "F-ZEROI drifted the car with ... ...

You can throw eggs at "Yoshi's Island" with button 1 push.

It appeared in 1996NINTENDO 64.

The depiction of the game is moving to 3D, and the shape of the controller has changed drastically.

In addition to the cross stick, 3D stick newly appears in the center of the controller.

"Super Mario 64"It was possible to rotate the body of Mario on the spot by turning the 3D stick round and round.

In addition, various actions are possible by combining the Z trigger on the back of the controller.

For example, Mario flutters ... ...

I super jump.

"The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of TimeBut even when Z trigger and buttons are combined, the link dodges the enemy's attack ......

The appearance of new buttons, such as being able to attack while jumping towards the enemy, affected many games.

In the 21st century,Nintendo GameCubeAppeared in 2001.

At that time, many third-party game machines were equipped with two analog sticks in the center of the controller.

However, the controller of the Nintendo GameCube redesigned the position and design of the A, B, X and Y buttons, not the analog sticks.

For example "Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers DXAt the center of the right side of the controller the main attack is done with the A button which is arranged large ... ....

The smart attack by doing the smash attack by defeating the C stick of the lower right, the operation of the game became smoother.

The cross stick is arranged at the lower left corner which is symmetrical to the C stick.

"Metroid Prime"The co-existence of the buttons of selecting weapons with the C stick while scanning the surroundings with the cross key was attempted.

It appeared in 2006Wiiis.

The Wii controller has an elongated simple body, an infrared sensor, an accelerometer, a speaker, a nunchaku port, etc. Equipped with equipment other than buttons. Warren is acclaimed that "It is an innovative product compared to previous controllers," which is a wireless connection using the Bluetooth connection with the game machine itself.

Hold the controller and play tennis by swinging up, down, left and right ......

Combining Wii Remote and Nunchaku to swing the sword, allowing a whole new play.

If you wiggle nunchaku like a ninja like that name ......

Warren says the controller will be used correctly as it may damage the display. Besides the remote control, Nunchaku, there is a classic controller of sideways holding like the conventional one.

And the latest home video game machine of Nintendo was released in 2012Wii Uis.

According to Mr. Warren, Wii U GamePad said that the old controller and state-of-the-art tablet are united to create a synergistic effect.

For example, scheduled to be released in September 2015 "Super Mario MakerOn the GamePad screen, use a stylus pen to make Mario's stage ......

Play created stage on big display.

In FPS game, you can switch between stick operation and gyro operation.

"Splatoon"Super jump is possible by tapping the screen of GamePad.

"Nintendo has a unique tradition in designing controllers and is closely tied to game design," Warran says.

Warran says, "A new controller betraying our expectations will appear in the future, however, Donkey Kong'sTalconghaI hope I do not have to be a danmatic but ... ... "I commented and finished the movie.

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