Game Controller Evolution Theory

In the past it was a square impression of the controller of Nintendo, but recently the controller of the game machine feels like a bat like many bats. Although each company has been changing its shape by trial and error, there are people who consider the transition of controller shape as a "controller evolution theory" and make it visual.

Details are as below.Sock Master's Video Game Controller Family Tree

From this nostalgic thing such as games & watch to Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, the evolution of the game controller is explained in a tree diagram easy to understand in this site.

This is the student of Carnegie Mellon University (then)Damien LopezMade by Mr. Illustration that makes comparisons of main game machine controllers of the past 25 years easy to compare. You can understand the transition to the style that you have with your left hand and wrapping it with both hands from the style you operate with your right hand.

Portable game machine version.

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