Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto talks about how Mario was designed

A game creator known as the creator of the Nintendo game "Super Mario Bros."Shigeru MiyamotoHe is a person who played an important role in the history of the game so that he could lay the foundation of today's game. Mr. MiyamotoVoxIn the interview, we talk about things that cherish the game making, and it is contents that Mr. Miyamoto and Nintendo can understand the philosophy that the game has.

How the inventor of Mario designs a game - YouTube

This person is Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto. Unknown, it is the creator of Mario.

If you've enjoyed the game somewhere in the past 30 years, you should be familiar with Mr. Miyamoto's work.

Donkey Kong

The Legend of Zelda

And Super Mario Brothers. It is a game all created by Mr. Miyamoto.

Mr. Miyamoto's way of making games is different from other creators.

In an interview when I was working on online games as early as 1988, I answered, "I am trying not to see the direction of the trend."

Mr. Miyamoto says that what matters is "what we want to do" and not to follow the trend of the world.

Miyamoto is a meritorious person who has made "game" great like this. So how do you make games?

The first element that Mr. Miyamoto said is necessary is "sense of accomplishment". There are various sense of accomplishment besides clearing the game.

How to make Mr. Miyamoto's game Part 1 "Story"

In 1981 Mr. Miyamoto released Nintendo in 1979 "Radar Scope"We will start to replace the game. By the way, Radar Scope itself is an arcade game that struggled hard to sell only 2000 units in the United States.

Based on Radar Scope was born "Donkey Kong"

The story of Donkey Kong is composed of a motif of American cartoon "Popeye".

The bad guys gorilla ... ...

A hero lumps ... ...

And the heroine was replaced by a lumber girlfriend.

The name of the main character of the game has also undergone change. Initially "Mr. Video"

Next is "Jumpman"

And "Mario"

By the way, "Mario" seems to be taken from the owner's name of the warehouse Nintendo was renting in Seattle.

And at Mr. Miyamoto 's game making, unusual efforts were made at the time of designing before programming.

Video game originally was made by engineers such as programmers, but Mario and other games were made by designers leading. Mr. Miyamoto himself is also an industrial designer, and the era when designers and artists make games has arrived.

Back then was the age of winter for video games.

In 1981 when Donkey Kong appeared, around the time a number of video game machines that caused a big boom in the United States had disappeared.

It was around the time that the appearance of a dreamlike terminal that can enjoy games was awaited.

It appeared there Mr. Miyamoto made "game narrative" game. Super Mario and ......

The Legend of Zelda. Narrative games were games that can only be experienced at NES (Family Computer) in Nintendo.

NES was a big hit in the world as well as in the United States.

Mr. Miyamoto said that the player made it possible to understand "What should I do?" To motivate him to play the game.

How to make Mr. Miyamoto's game Part 2 "Simplicity"

This is Super Mario Brothers game scene.

Elements of Super Mario's games are spreading to the right.

The play screen cut out a part of the world spreading to the right.

If you look at the vacant space on the right, you know that the player should proceed to the right to the right.

What is the enemy that is outside the screen ...?

I will encounter while going to the right. The player can understand immediately that there is a penalty when hitting enemies.

By attaching the "?" Mark ......

I understand that users can get items such as coins and mushrooms.

As eating mushrooms makes your body grow bigger, you can also see that Mario became stronger.

And "getting into the game" is also an important factor.

How to make Mr. Miyamoto's game Part 3 "Immersive feeling"

You can feel that you are in the game world by moving the character of the game as you want. And Nintendo is a pioneer of game controllers.

NES built the foundation of a game controller called the cross key on the left and the button on the right.

In SuperNES (Super Nintendo) L / R button used with index finger ......

Nitendo 64 makes a stick button that can move 360 ​​degrees ... ...

Wii introduced the motion controller function.

And in 2016 Nintendo entered the game for smartphone that can operate touch.

Mr. Miyamoto thinks that the reason why the game that the creator thinks that it is interesting is not gradually played is because the player feels "it is difficult".

Sales of Wii U and Nintendo 3DS which appeared in 2012 have been decreasing in recent years.

The cause of this is the rise of smartphone games, which is expected to double by 2011 and continue to grow in the future.

For smartphone game "Super marion runThe appearance of "may seem like a shift from immersion to handiness.

About Super Mario Run Mr. Miyamoto thinks that "I was able to play games widely from players to advanced players for the first time".

This is also a philosophy that follows Mr. Miyamoto's philosophy of game making.

That "everyone can enjoy" is important for game making.

It is a philosophy that will not change even if game machines and controllers change.

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