Weather Point 2.0 weather station that can be carried with the world's smallest key holder size

A personal weather station that checks the weather, temperature, pressure, ultraviolet index, and humidity just by inserting it to the earphone jack of the smartphone is "Weather Point 2.0"is. The key holder size Weather Point 2.0 requires no batteries, so if you have a smartphone you can always find out information about the weather anywhere.

Weather Point 2.0 - The World's Smallest Weather Station by Mind Lab - Kickstarter

You can check what products "Weather Point 2.0" is available from the following movie.

The weather can be checked immediately by TV or the Internet, but depending on the location of the weather station that measures temperature and humidity it is difficult to exactly examine the weather where you are right now, weather forecasts and gaps Often there are.

It's nonsense to carry weather stations like images just to check the weather in real time.

Weather Point 2.0 was born from the feeling that "if you can easily find the correct weather of your location anytime, anywhere easily".

Weather Point 2.0 is a compact size to be attached to a key holder, turning the cover with a circle when using ... ....

Remove only the contents with the earphone plug installed.

Then plug it into the earphone jack of the smartphone and open the dedicated application to show the weather, temperature, pressure, ultraviolet index, humidity of the current location.

Weather Point 2.0 is equipped with sensors to measure temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and ultraviolet light, predicting the weather of the current location and the weather thereafter from the atmospheric pressure value.

In the application, temperature and weather, weather forecast is displayed at the top of the screen. It displays humidity, precipitation probability, atmospheric pressure, UV index at the bottom of the screen. The UI is also simple and you can see the weather by just looking at it.

Weather Point 2.0 is waterproof so you can use it outside even if it rains.

Also, it is not necessary to connect to batteries and the Internet.

When not in use it is OK if attached to the key holder, it is quite convenient to carry.

Weather Point 2.0 is looking for investment with cloudfunding Kickstarter, and at the time of article creation it costs approximately $ 80,000 (about 9.8 million yen), which is more than triple the target price of 25,000 dollars (about 3 million yen) Successfully gathered and almost certainly commercialized. We can get 1 Weather Point 2.0 made by plastic with a contribution of $ 19 (approx. 2400 yen) and 1 Weather Point 2.0 made of aluminum anodized with a contribution of 29 dollars (about 3500 yen). Also, if you invest 39 dollars (about 4800 yen), you can get one titanium weather point 2.0 limited by Kickstarter.

We deal with free shipping to Japan, and the contribution deadline is 21:40 on Friday, July 24, 2015.

Weather Point 2.0 - The World's Smallest Weather Station by Mind Lab - Kickstarter

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