Two new models will be released in the Lumia series of new high-end models Microsoft seriously released

We are delivering ads on the official Windows Store for Windows applicationAdDuplexIn the Windows Phone market research report released by "Cityman"When"TalkmanInformation of undisclosed terminals such as "published information was posted. Cityman and Talkman, which are regarded as the latest terminals of the Lumia series, had previously leaked a part of codename and specifications, but according to Windows Central specifications on Cityman have been confirmed.

'Cityman' Quad HD Microsoft Lumia exposed in AdDuplex report, static market share for Windows Phone | Windows Central

Microsoft's new 5.7-inch Lumia flagship spotted on AdDuplex, specs reportedly 'confirmed'

Part of the codename and specification leaked in June 2014And Cityman and Talkman, whose existence was revealed, are considered to be the latest high-end models of Microsoft's "Windows Phone" smartphone "Lumia" series. Talkman has a 5.2 inch QHD display, CPU adopts Qualcomm based 6 core processor, RAM is 3 GB and storage is 32 GB. It is equipped with 20 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera and the battery is 3000 mAh removable type and it is regarded as a USB Type-C compatible terminal, but it is leaked information, so it has not been confirmed yet.

On the other hand, for Cityman, it is reported that the spec that was leaked was determined by Windows Central. Cityman adopts Qualcomm based octacore processor and display is 5.7 inch QHD's Fabret terminal. The RAM is 3 GB and the storage is 32 GB, the rear camera of 20 MP and the front camera of 5 MP are installed, and the battery can be removed with 3300 mAh. It is also a terminal compatible with USB Type-C like Talkman.

The appearance of Cityman and Talkman is expected to be around October 2015 or around November which will be after the release of Windows 10.The Wall Street JournalSaid on Thursday 25th that Microsoft executives revealed that they will introduce the new high end models of the Lumia series to the Indian market in conjunction with the release of Windows 10 and this new high end model is based on Cityman There is also possibility of Talkman.

In Japan, the new terminal of Windows Phone who became the first in Japan for four years on June 18, 2015 "MADOSMA"Was released from the mouse computer, but attention is drawn to whether Cityman and Talkman will be introduced into the Japanese market.

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