I tried playing the game "Besiege" that creates and destroys anything siege weapons including cannons, flames, bombs

A physics-based sandbox game where players themselves make siege weapons in the medieval European world play "Besiege"is. Besiege is a game that creates original siege weapons and clears the stage, making people who are destructive weapons that are likely to be usable by people who ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha using the large number of items at the end of the century, petit Because it is possible to become a destroyed god that collapses and collapses, I actually played it.


Clear with bombs at "Besiege" - YouTube

SteamInstall from
Besiege can be downloaded from the download sales platform "Steam" for PC games. Start the Steam client software installed on the PC and click "Besiege" thumbnail displayed after entering "Besiege" in the search window. At the time of writing, Besiege only released the early access version, the price is 698 yen including tax.

Click "Add to Cart".

Click "Buy for yourself".

Click "Purchase".

When purchasing, click "Install Game".

Click "Next".

Uncheck "Create Besiege's shortcut on desktop" and click "Next".

When installation is completed, click "Play" to start the game.

◆ Gameplay
When you start the game you will see an earthlike planet in the middle of the screen. The red part of this planet is an area where you can not play unless you advance the game.

Let's start with the stage "IPSILON" that you can play from the beginning.

As the map of the stage opens, click on ZONE 1 in the lowest place.

When the game starts, a light blue box is floating in the air. This is the core part of the siege weapons, we attach wooden boxes and attach tires to it to make siege weapons.

If you move the mouse while holding down the right click, it is possible to move the screen grisly. As a house is built in the back of the screen, as indicated as "DESTROY" above it, the goal of stage 1 is to make a siege weapon and destroy the house.

Before making the siege weapon we will check the item to use for making. Icons and items are displayed on the toolbar displayed at the bottom of the screen, clicking on the leftmost hexagonal icon will be the basis for creating siege weapons such as "SMALL WOODEN BLOCK (wooden box)" The item is displayed.

The second icon from the left is a block. In addition to the SMALL WODDEN BLOCK above, there are many blocks such as "HINGE (hinge)", and we will use it as necessary.

The third wheel from the left is the wheel. Variations such as small wheels and large wheels are also large on the wheels.

The sword icon is a weapon. When you click, it displays weapons on the right side, but weapons that you want to use just watching, such as cannons, flamethrowers, and even bombs are slurping. We combine these items well and make original siege weapons.

Start the game as soon as you learn while playing the game. First select a tree box from the lower item bar and place the mouse cursor on a light blue block.

Click on the place you want to install, installation is completed.

Create a base part of the siege weapon in the same procedure.

After making the base we will try attaching the wheel next. Select "MOTOR WHEEL (motorized wheel)" from the item bar.

Place the wheels on the side of the base you created.

We also installed wheels at the rear.

In addition, we will also install wheels on the opposite side.

If you mistake the operation, click "UNDO" in the upper menu bar and return the procedure by one.

Alternatively, you can erase the installed items by using the eraser icon on the menu bar.

Although it is far from the siege weapon, since it was able to work, please click "SET MACHINE ON GROUND" on the menu bar and lower the created siege weapon onto the ground.

Click the red play button at the far left of the menu bar.

Now you can operate the siege weapon and move back and forth with "↑" "↓" on the keyboard.

You can check how you are actually playing stage 1 from the following movie.

I tried to destroy the house with "Besiege" - YouTube

Proceed with rattling ... ...

Destroy the house as it is and clear the stage. After clearing, click "NEXT ZONE" at the lower right of the screen to the next stage.

The next stage is to clear if you destroy a windmill with a little height.

Considering the height of the windmill, I tried installing the iron balls of the pillars and spitted thorns in the front part.

I hit the windmill nicely but ... ....

The column part with the iron ball of the thorns starter can not endure the impact and weight, and it is a diend.

Next time from the previous failure, set the iron ball to a position not too high like the image below. Also, in order to prevent the front of the iron balls from getting swaying forward, I installed a number of wooden boxes at the rear and tried balancing.

However, as I tried to advance, I fell forward.

Next time we add wheels forward and rechallenge.

Destroy it as it is and destroy the splendid windmill. Although it is still in the early stages, there are considerable achievements when clearing the stage with siege weapons made by repeating trial and error.

Next stage 3. The goal is to reach the point at the back of the map.

Just advancing thought that it is good to go forward, I stepped out the bomb that was on the ground and it was out.

Looking at the map, you can see that bombs are set up in various places, and it is like a path to the goal to go through what is good during that time. So that is not a big siege weapon, but to rebuild a small siege weapon that can pass between the installed bombs.

Moreover, this time passing through between bombs, not only does it move back and forth, it will not be talked if it can not turn left and right. To make the siege weapon turn left and right, use the item "STERING HINGE".

How to use STERING HINGE is easy, basically installed between the front wheel and the car body.

By installing STERING HINGE, pressing the "←" or "→" keyboard makes the front wheel move right and left.

Afterwards it is only a good thing Passing between bombs while changing direction. However, siege weapons may be broken if you try to go with the wheels facing in too much direction.

Clear stage 3 as it is.

Next is the stage where the bow and army corps are lined up on the horizontally long wall. Although it is stage clear when destroying a windmill in the back of the wall ... ...

The car body could not endure a bow and arrow that flew by all the time.

In order to beat the bow and army corps on the wall, create the same siege weapon as the previous stage. It is a strategy to make a rush and annihilate the bow and army corps with the iron ball of the thorns.

While going through a bow and arrow while car body is broken ......

Bokan stepped on the bomb that was in front of the wall.

I decided that it was dangerous to approach the wall because there was a bomb and tried to make a siege weapon with a cannon set on the top.

Looking at it from the front like this, she is arranging the cannon in the top with a slash. Also, in order to survive the bow and arrow attacks, I installed a defensive item called "METAL PLATE" on the front. Since you can only shoot one cannon installed, be careful when shooting.

Start the game and fire the cannon with "C" on the keyboard!

Although it was nice to have fired the cannon, the front was destroyed by the shock of the launch.

Since Besiege is a physics-based game, it is important to create various physical elements such as cannon impact and car body balance.

Next we installed a block behind the front where we installed the cannon and created a siege weapon that can withstand the impact of the cannon.

You can check the appearance of re-challenging with a reinforced cannon loaded siege weapon from the following movie.

Shoot the cannon with "Besiege" and clear the stage - YouTube

Succeeded to blow up a splendid castle wall with a cannon blow.

After that, turn around behind the wall ... ...

Defeat the windmill while collapsing.

The next stage is a stage surrounded by small soldiers everywhere, the goal is to defeat all the soldiers.

Because the soldiers, not the walls and buildings, are opponents, we started rolling with the iron balls of the thorns.

Things rushing well It will defeat the soldier ... ...

It is surrounded by soldiers and it is done and it ends. The bow and army unit waiting in front is quite troublesome.

This time, attach the defensive METAL PLATE to the top surface and challenge with flame radiators on both sides of the car body.

You can check the appearance of re-challenging with flamethrower from the following movie.

Besiege crushing enemies and burning them down - YouTube

As soon as you start, press "Y" on the keyboard to burn down the soldier coming from the side.

Retreat to escape from the bow and arrow.

Petit petit with an iron ball of spinach after soldier who follows it.

As further soldiers come to attack ......

I will stop with spitted iron balls.

However, the collapsed soldier caught between the wheels made it impossible to move. Since it became immovable, attack the soldier again with the flamethrower.

Lastly, I am completely clear of all members while becoming burned burnt.

Besiege is interesting The way to clear the stage is not one way, the following is a movie that challenges the stage with bombs.

Clear with bombs at "Besiege" - YouTube

In addition, since there are many published movies that made outrageous siege weapons with Besiege, it seems that motivation for play will rise when you see it as well. The following is a movie in which tanks not to be defeated by bombs appear.

Besiege - Tank Chassis - YouTube

In Besiege it is also possible to make a flying siege weapon, and the movies collected only by the flying siege weapons are below.

Besiege - Top 5 Flying War Machineries - YouTube

A movie of siege weapons loaded with a transcendental long cannon.

Besiege - Ultra Long Range Fireball Crossbow Tank - YouTube

There are others who made devices like the Pythagora switch that transports bombs to the target location.

Besiege Alpha - Bomb Maneuvering System - YouTube

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