Flash Player found that a violent vulnerability to be hijacked by PC, Adobe is distributing urgent patch

Hacker deprives control of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux PC with "Adobe Flash Player" installedZero-day vulnerabilityIt turned out that there was. This vulnerability has also confirmed targeted attacks against "Internet Explorer running on Windows 7 or lower OS" and "Firefox running on Windows XP", and Adobe began distributing emergency security patches. We urge Flash Player users to update as soon as possible,Information processing mechanismAnd BBC have reported to the extent that it is reported in the news.

Adobe Security Bulletin

Adobe issues emergency Flash Player fix - BBC News

About vulnerability countermeasure of Adobe Flash Player (APSB 15 - 14) (CVE - 2015 - 3113): IPA Independent Administrative Institution Information Processing Promotion Agency

A vulnerability related to Adobe Flash Player is a serious thing that deprivation of PC control may be deprived, and Adobe is reporting that limited targeted attack is actually done, and the cyber security companyFireEye also reported that a group called "APT 3" based in China is conducting an attack that exploited this vulnerabilitydoing. According to FireEye, phishing e-mail is deployed for aerospace / defense, architecture / design, high-tech, communication, transportation industry, and users of Adobe Flash Player who accessed the link download SWF · FLV files infected with malware , It is a zero day attack of setting up a backdoor on PC.

Adobe is distributing urgent patches to fix vulnerabilities, and if you install the latest version of Google Chrome and Internet Explorer on a PC with Windows 8.x or later OS, it will be updated automatically. Whether or not it is "18, 0, 0, 194" which becomes the latest version of Adobe Flash Player is "Adobe - Flash PlayerFor those who have not yet updated, patches can be obtained from the following page.

Adobe Flash Player Download

To update Adobe Flash Player, click "Install Now". Check the "Optional program" for downloading the free version McAfee, unless it is unnecessary.

After a while you will be prompted to download the installer so click "Save file".

Launch the downloaded installer.

Click "Execute".

Click "Finish" to restart the browser and apply the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

According to ESET ESET, "Flash is a widely used plug-in all over the world, Flash vulnerability is a big target for hackers," people who use Adobe Flash Player as soon as possible Action is required.

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