Pocket size rubber frisbee boasting a distance of over 60 meters "ZipChip"

While enjoying BBQ etc. in parks etc, it is Frisbee that someone brings it even more fun, but it is surprisingly bulky and bulky. With such a frisbee as a pocket size, it became easy to carry it anywhere, and if you throw it away, it would be too much to let it be more than 60 meters away "ZipChip"is.

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You can see what kind of frisbee is "ZipChip" by seeing the following movie.

A man who swiftly raised his right hand ......

I threw something down! This small green object is "ZipChip".

Simply flip the ZipChip so that it snaps lightly, and you can skip a distance of about the following photos.

The size is smaller than the palm of the hand, and it does not look like a frisbee at first glance.

Therefore, just putting it in your pocket can walk with having one fun of outdoor.

The flight distance is more than 200 feet (about 61 meters).

It floats on water, so it can be used in the sea or the pool.

The dimensions are 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) in diameter, 0.5 inch (1.27 cm) thick, weighing just 0.75 ounces (about 21 g).

Compared with smartphones and keys you can see how compact.

As for how to throw, as if turning the frame as follows, pinch the ZipChip by hand ... ...

If you snap your wrist and throw it, OK.

Because it is made of rubber that can be bent easily, it is said that children have become frisbee who can play with confidence without hurting the hands to catch.

In addition, ZipChip is looking for investment with Kickstarter, you can get 1 ZipChip by 3 dollars (about 860 yen) and 3 ZipChips at $ 19 (about 2300 yen). Product shipping is planned around August 2015, and as a shipping fee for shipping to Japan it costs 8 dollars (about 980 yen) separately, and 13 dollars (about 1600 yen) for three. The deadline for investment is 6:31 AM on Saturday, July 18th.

ZipChip | "The New Way to Play" by ZipChip Sports - Kickstarter

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