The pigeon will be detained by the Indian authorities on suspicion of spying

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The Indian authorities detained one pigeon on Thursday 28 May (Thursday) due to a spy infiltrating from Pakistan. Investigation of identity is being promoted now, such as taking an X - ray.

Pakistani 'spy pigeon' arrested in India - BBC Newsbeat

'Spy' pigeon from Pakistan jailed in Pathankot - The Times of India

The pigeon was discovered in the village called Manwol near the border between India and Pakistan. On the morning of May 27, a 14-year-old boy, a barber's son, caught a pigeon,UrduI noticed that the letters were written in, and told me that I brought the pigeons to the police.

The pigeons that were actually restrained in the following pictures.

The pigeon was examined in detail, and it was taken up to X-rays, but it seems that we have not found an unnatural point at the moment. However, it is still protected by local police as "there is suspicion of spy".

The word "bind pigeon on suspicion of spying" sounds like a joke, but this time it is not the first time that animals are caught by spies charges. Pigeons were not hacked and blended into the landscape, so it was often used as a safe way to communicate confidential information until relatively recently.

For example, in 2012, we found a batte with a capsule on his feet, but when historians examined it, the information carried by this pigeon was the second world warD-DayIt was discovered that it was sent from France that was occupied by the Nazis · German army during the period. When the encrypted message was deciphered, the message was sent by British paratroopers, and the umbrella soldiers safely landed just beside the enemy team and contacted the British Air Force bombing order.

Besides this, in the 1960s CIA spent more than $ 200,000 to make Cyborg's cat spy and over 20 billion yen to calculate today's value. The cat was put in the chest with a battery pack by surgical operation, the ear was attached to the microphone, the antenna from the spine to the tail. The cat was trained to wrap the feet of the Soviet ambassador and recorded the conversation, but it is said that when he was taken outside, he was drawn by a taxi and died and he was never actually playing an active part.

In recent years, Iran'sPigeons are caught as spies near nuclear facilitiesIn 2013, machines were attached to feathersStork caught on spy on spy on the NileAnd in Vietnam16 pigeons suspected as spies from China in 2014 were arrestedIt is being done. However, as a result of the investigation, it was not a machine for collecting national tightness, but a transmitter for ecological investigation, which was attached to the stork, and the pigein restrained in Vietnam was a pigeon of the race club It turned out to be.

No camera, chips etc were found from the pigeons captured by the Indian authorities this time, there is a view that it may be a pigeon for the race. However, the Kashmir region is a region where both India and Pakistan claim the territory. Alarmedness was strengthened due to the fact that the military was stationed, and seems to have led to the pigeon detention from this background.

The Urdu language written on the pigeon body is still under investigation, the authorities say "If the pigeon turns out to be a spy, it will take action, otherwise he promises a good living to the pigeon "I am talking..

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