7 ridiculous attempts to treat animals as weapons

In the war, such as the war elephants of Hannibal, who struggled Rome in the Poeni war, Genghis Khan and the cavalry corps of Takeda Shingen, there were numerous animal figures beside humans, and fought and fought together. Eventually, a person started studying whether animals could be used as weapons and started implementing "4-legged bomb" as an attempt. It is impossible to think in a very peaceful era, but in fact there are seven cases.

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1. Mouse bomb

By Big Fat RatCreative Commons

In 1941 it was a dark year for the British, half of Europe fell to the hands of Germany and daily bombing was exposed to London bombing, the shipping vessel was submerged in the U boat. In the UK attacked from all directions, as a result of the investigation, Germany thought that behind was not negligible, I came up with a mouse bomb. It was packed with a large amount of explosives on the dead body of the rat, with the plan that the rat bomb that was carried with coal spread throughout Germany and exploded with heat if somewhere thrown into the boiler. If you succeed you may have had a lot of damage to German infrastructure. However, Germany noticed this at the stage of transporting the very first mouse bomb and abandoned this plan as it came to carefully investigate whether the dead body of mice is not missing in coal.

2. Burning birds and bat bombs

By edwindejonghCreative Commons

From a long time ago, humans seemed to think that birds could be used as weapons. If a fire is placed on a bird making a nest in a city with a castle wall and that bird will return to its nest, it will be a serious thing Is written in Tang and Ming's tactical guidance documents in China, in the 10th centuryKiev Taiko Riga ratioOr the eleventh centuryKing Norway Haral IIIIt seems that each actually made it successful. It was the American oral surgeon Lyle S. Adams during the Second World War that brought out the possibilities of this tactic suggested using millions of bats instead of birds. Attach a small bomb to the bat's legs and pack it in a special bomb in units of thousands and drop this bat-packed bomb in the sky over the target. It seems that the bomb was designed to break outside when the altitude became a certain level, and the bat seemed to be popping out from there. At dawn, the bat hides himself in a dark place to sleep, so only to explode the bomb with a timer. The first result was quite good, but the development of the atomic bomb began and the army pulled out of the bat bomb.

3. Cat bomb

By fofurasfelinasCreative Commons

In World War II, a sudden drop bombardment was carried out at the time of attack on the ship, but even a veteran pilot who is on the most advanced aircraft could fail the bombing, "cat bomb" was invented. This is based on the property that cats hate water, and if you drop a bomb that attached a cat to a ship, cats that you do not want to get wet in the water might induce a bomb to get a little closer to the ship It seems that it was an idea. However, it was not clear how cats weighing only 5 kg led to induce 500 pounds (about 250 kg) of bombs. After all, this project could not pass the test phase.

4. Camels, mules, horses, donkeys

By ecreyesCreative Commons

In 1978, the Soviet UnionInvasion in AfghanistanDid. On the other hand, the CIA trained and equipped the resistance mujahideen in Afghanistan, but it was not due to a long-term vision. Currently, one of the main weapons of guerrillas fighting in various countries in the world is an automobile bomb, but since there was no car in Afghanistan at that time camel camels stood in camels instead. The Soviet Union eventually withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989 and it is unknown whether or not the camel bomb had influence there, but only the idea of ​​using livestock as a bomb for cargo handling has other influences, and in India it is a mule bomb , A horse bomb in Colombia, and a donkey bomb in Palestine.

Five.Anti-tank dog

By Marvin StelljesCreative Commons

In 1941, which was a terrible year for Britain, it was a much worse year for the Soviets. In June the German armored division headed in the Soviet territory, but the Soviets lacked antitank weapons remarkably. A dog that got an eye there was a dog trained to look for food hidden beneath the tank battle dog.

A photograph of an anti-tank dog confronting a tank. An upright lever on the back was installed, and when the dog entered under the tank, the lever collapsed and the bomb started up and exploded.

The result is said to be complicated and it is said that it destroyed 300 German tanks although it is unknown, but there were many dogs coming back to their troops because they used Soviet tanks during training. Since the Soviet troops were seriously damaged by antitank dogs in 1942, it was no longer used after that. In addition, the Soviet military reports since 1945 showed that Indochina'sBetuminThere seems to be a record that the antitank dog was used.

6. Anti-mine monkey

By JasmicCreative Commons

Iraq is a dangerous land where automobile bombs, road bombs, old-fashioned landmines roll and so we need to quickly remove them, but one of the means I have used monkeys It is a method. As Morocco proposed as "training a monkey to detect landmines", its detection method is to thrust one monkey until it steps on a landmine. The United States seems to refuse this proposal graciously.

7. Nuclear-powered whale

By rubonixCreative Commons

Fifty years ago the world was on the brink of annihilation through nuclear war. Both sides of the Cold War's east and west spent hundreds of trillion dollars seeking the ultimate deterrent (a way to attack enemies without defenses), but missiles, bombers, and submarines had drawbacks. It was a whale that was found out if there were any other nuclear warheads that could be loaded.The US military uses dolphins and sea lion for mine explorationAccording to the person who used to be a whale trainer in the navy before, the Navy is planning an undetectable attack that carries nuclear weapons to the enemy coast using a killer whale, It seems that it is evidence that it is true that denying these.

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