A cornstarch movie that transforms like a monster with the vibration of a speaker

An experimental movie that mixes corn starch used for ingredients etc with starch made from corn as raw material with water and places it on the speaker. Water is combined and viscousNon-Newtonian fluidThe cornstarch that is becoming a strange movement that made Ueneune as if it is living by the vibration of the speaker.

Details are as below.
Cornstarch and water placed on a speaker that vibrates at 30 Hz.
YouTube - Non-Newtonian Fluid on a Speaker Cone

Also a movie with cornstarch on the speaker. A pattern emerges on the surface of the water.
YouTube - Cornstarch and vibrations

Vibration at 80 Hz. If a liquid monster is in reality, will it move like this?
YouTube - cornstarch lifeform 80 Hz

200 Hz. You can see a groaning cornstarch.
YouTube - Cornstarch Monster 2

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