We tried making "nausea ray" etc. Imaichi 6 useless useless weapons

Since the development of weapons determines the fate of the nation, the top class researchers will be made with huge expenses, but are they thinking too much, do not you make it this in some way It seems there are things like that.

Details are below.
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A malodorous bomb

In 1994, the bomb proposed by the Light Research Institute in Ohio State, USA gave bad breath to the person when bursting out. By attacking with this, if the guerrilla should get caught in the general public by any chance, it will be easy to distinguish by its bad breath, but the Department of Defense did not approve the development.

2. Bat bomb

This weapon devised by the US military during the Second World War is that it embarks an incendiary bullet in the bat body and releases it to enemy territory. It was aimed at burning at the timing of getting into the building seeking a rooster, but handling of the bats was too difficult to be put to practical use.

3.Heat nuclear weapon

"I do not know what kinds of weapons will be used in World War III, but in the 4th World War it is undoubtedly a stone will be used as a weapon," Einstein says,The largest hydrogen bomb ever developed by the Soviet Union "Tsari Bomba"Thermonuclear weapons such as those represented by them are too large to destroy the earth both in quality and quantity. There is no point in using it, it can be said that it is the ultimate useless weapon.

Four.SM-62 Snark

With a jet engine as a driving force, it has a cruising range that can directly target the Soviet Union from the mainland of the United StatesCruise missileHowever, it seems that the accuracy of the guidance device was difficult and reliability was also low, and it was retired in just three years after it was deployed in 1958. I used a rocket engineIntercontinental ballistic missileIt was touched by.


A flint stone method invented in England in 1718Revolver KanonIt was a phenomenal speed at that time to shoot 63 shots in 7 minutes, but it was a phenomenal speed but it was a round bullet for Christians and an unrealistic idea such as using square bullets with higher killing power for Turkish heathen Actually it was not mass-produced.

6. Nausea Rays

A variety of non-lethal weapons have been developed that do not kill the opponent but deprive the fighting ability, but this "nausea light" bathes something irregularly flashing the strong light of various colors, seeing it It is something that causes the enemies to feel nauseous. However, it seems that the practical application is delayed because the device is too big to carry.

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