"Iron Curtain" and "Natto Missile" fully protect the vehicle video

In urban fighting like Iraq war in recent years, since you do not know where you are shot from upside down, left and right,RPG-7Protection against portable anti-tank weapons such as typified by defense has become a big problem.

In response to this, DARPA of the US Department of Defense's research institute currently has the "iron curtain" that will not let anyone pass, and the "Natto missiles"It seems that we are developing various interceptors to flip the flying warhead just before.

Details are below.
Iron Curtain

Raytheon's Quick Kill Achieves a First; Decimates 'Enemy' RPG in Test with Precision Launched Munition

Forcibly pierce the armor with a hard warheadArmor-piercing ammunitionUnlike, it is often used for portable tank weaponsMolded explosive chargeUse a gunpowder shock wave like a hammer to pierce the armor. Since its effective range is as short as a few tens of centimeters from the point of impact, explode or destroy the explosive charge before touching armor, the effect will halve.

This is pretty difficult if the bullets fly at high speed, but since the speed of the portable anti-weapon weapons is not so fast, we can fully intercept with radar and computer combined equipment I will.

This is American Arties' iron and curtain interception system.

DARPA's Iron Curtain Active Protection System

The principle is simple. When the bullet that flying is detected with radar, the optical sensor precisely reads its position and knocks off and wipes out the warhead just before it.

US militaryHanweiTest vehicle using.

The exam was done like this. Automatic anti-tank weapon will be fired when it reaches a certain position.

It looks like it was a wonderful hit ... ....

You can see the booster that was knocked off.

I went away and left.

From the back, you can see that it is exploding just before.

Armor of Hanvie after four tests. Although there is a dent due to impact, it does not penetrate.

This is an interception system of Raytheon, America. When a warhead is detected, the missile will pop up and the direction will start changing at the thrusters at the tail.

Active Protection System

One more injection.

When the direction is fixed, the booster is fully opened towards the warhead flying.

Explode just before the armor and knock off the warheads that fly away.

Pulled by an armored car and started the test.

We also successfully intercepted here.

It seems difficult for interceptors such as armor bullets with large kinetic energy to be difficult, but it looks sufficiently practical for slow warheads. It goes without saying that the world without having to use such weapons is desirable.

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