Power outage continues for 36 hours Small battery with an ultra-large capacity 10000 mAh born in Ghana

In the Republic of Ghana that is located in Africa it is commonplace that power outages last for 36 hours in urban areas. In Ghana that is in such a serious power crisis, smartphones equipped with a large capacity battery of 10,000 mAh are in fashion. It is becoming a unique smartphone that can also supply power to small electronic devices, and African entrepreneursEmmanuel QuartyMr. actually obtains the actual thing and reviews it.

The Mystery of the Power Bank Phone Taking Over Accra - Product Notes - Medium

Mr. Emmanuel Quoty was in Accra, the capital of Ghana, and noticed that the people's pockets were bulging. What is in the pocket is the new smart phone shown in the picture, but it is not a flagship model like iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy 6S. It is almost like a transceiver-sized smartphone as if it is against the trend of downsizing mobile phones, and in Ghana the demand for this smartphone is rising.

From the side you can see that it is quite thick

According to Mr. Quoty's research, this smartphone is sold at 100 to 150 Ghana Seddies (3000 to 4,600 yen). Triple SIM slot capable of storing 3 SIM cards is installed. FM Radio · Facebook · WhatsApp is preinstalled. Besides being able to supply power to the main body battery externally, it will become a mobile battery for small electronic devices, as well as LED flash light. There is no official name, it is called "Power Bank" or "big black phone" "army phone".

The reason for people in Ghana to seek "Power Bank" is in a large capacity battery of 10000 mAh. Power supply is unstable for 36 hours with a 3 times or more capacity battery compared with iPhone 6 Plus with a battery capacity of 2915 mAh In Ghana where power supply is unstable, you can charge MP3 players etc. by precharging Power Bank It is useful as a "mobile battery that can make a call and a net".

This smartphone knows that the description under the display is "GALACE SQ" and "X-TIGI", but the two smartphones are exactly the same and I do not know which one is fake . In Ghana, there are many possessing multiple SIM cards to receive telecom company benefits, so you can easily switch between SIM cards to use with Triple SIM, as well as excellent options to prevent the loss of small SIM cards It has become.

The following is starting up the preinstalled WhatsApp, but the behavior is very slow and you can not set push notifications, so you can not check new messages unless you launch the application each time. The Facebook application is also unable to withstand practical use, and it seems that specifications are insufficient to use various applications as smartphones.

There is a hook on the top of the main body for some reason. It seems that many people thought that it was a radio antenna, but it is said that it is attached to use for lighting the LED lights at the time of a power failure and hanging them somewhere instead of a light bulb. Mr. Quoty is impressed by investigating the Power Bank that it was not likely, and states that the smartphone battery that needs to be charged every day needs improvement.

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