"Wireless relay transmission" that delivers mobile communication to remote areas and afflicted areas with drone

At the time of a disaster, the base station for communication may be damaged and mobile communication may not function, and the risk that the damage will be expanded is pointed out. "Disaster Relay Wireless Relay Transmission System" that creates a mobile communication environment from the air using a drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) in such a place where there is no communication environmentNational Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)It is being studied by.

Wireless Japan 2015Arrived at the NICT booth.

Donle and drone are on display at the booth.

A wireless relay device is installed in the center of the drone's airframe. This drone "PUMA-AE"There is a limitation that the installed radio relay system is within 500 grams.

Radio repeater uses radio wave of 2 GHz band.

The black parts are antennas, letting the radio waves spread by letting out from the bottom of the airframe.

The Dolone 's controllers look like this.

The aerial wireless relay transmission system is to make the drones "flying radio wave tower" by installing the relay transmission system in the drone.

A ground station where the machine under this laptop sends radio waves to the drone from the ground.

Drone seems to manage flight with such a PC.

Drone successfully flew a range of about 20 kilometers in diameter for more than 2 hours and succeeded in making continuous communication of about 400 kbps.

In the future, research on the 5 GHz band expected to spread more in the air is expected to become popular and it seems that it has already succeeded in the flight test with the 5 GHz band already.

Wireless relay transmission technology, which is a flying radio wave tower, also carries out cooperative experiments with femtocells, which are small cellular phone base stations, and expects to utilize not only the affected areas but also mobile communication in remote areas where the communication environment is not well established It is being done.

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