I have eaten a new texture ice "cotton snow candy" that I sold more than 3.2 million cups in 3 months with a mister donut

Mr. Donut 's New Fresh Sweet Sachet which sells more than 3.2 million cups in about three months from the sale and is eaten by many people as a hot summer companion "Cotton Snow Candy"Was released on May 27, 2015 (Wednesday) by adding 4 new tastes.Midsummer days exceeding 30 degrees in various placesIt is continuing, so I checked what kind of taste the cold new crispy sweet flavor that melts in the mouth with Mr. Donut in the shining sun.

Cotton Snow Candy | New Item | Mister Donut

You can understand that the cotton snowy candy's ice cream is soft fluffy like 'Wata snow' which has a totally different shape from ordinary ice cream and shaved ice when you see the following movie.

Lift Mr. Donut's "Cotton Snow Candy" with a spoon - YouTube

Arrived at Mr. Donut.

Although it was not outside the store, I found a signboard of "Cotton Snow Candy" on the cash register.

I ordered and waited a while.

In about a few minutes from the order, the first thing that came was "Cotton Snow Candy Strawberry." It seems that pure white ice is sliced ​​thinly with a dedicated machine, and the appearance of white ice seems to be roughly shaved bonito clause.

The cotton snowy candy is packed in a flower-shaped container, and its height is about this compared with iPhone 6. It seems that there are plenty of surprises.

A paper base is attached so that the equipment does not fall over.

That is why, firstly, it is from the white ice part. Just as Mr. Donut calls "Wataru snow", this ice cream is drifting and fluffy when put in the mouth, the texture is very smooth and it can not be thought of as an ice confection. One of GIGAZINE's editorial staff who ate cotton snow candy for the first time said "Nose celebI seemed to be eating "to myself with the impression. The ice itself is slightly sweet and milky taste, which makes it easy to eat with a magical texture and sweetness.

Then Pakuri with strawberry sauce. Sour sauce is intense, it is refreshing taste perfect for hot seasons. However, since the taste of the sauce is intense, the flavor of milk will completely disappear unless you increase the amount of ice. Although the sauce enters the flesh, it has little texture. Also, as I advanced my eating, my head became a keen, as if I ate shaved ice.

Next time you try to eat "Cotton Snow Candy Mango".

In the sauce the flesh of the mango is rumbling.

Mango sauce is less acidic than strawberry sauce, it feels better to enjoy the taste of ice. The flesh of the mango has a solid texture and it can be mixed with the fluffy texture of ice cream to make this strange harmony.

This is "Cotton Snow Candy Mix." A great dish that can enjoy both strawberry sauce and mango sauce.

Iced ice cream sliced ​​very thinly and will start to melt just by leaving it a little.

With strawberry sauce ......

Because you can enjoy both Mango sauce, if you get lost, if you choose Kore OK.

That's why I get it.

Ice is using the same milk taste for all three types, you can enjoy a smooth mysterious texture melting in the mouth.

The flesh is going down and the sourness of strawberry is a bit more than I imagined.

It is OK to enjoy tasting two sources at the same time.

If you want to enjoy the flavor of ice cream, you can enjoy fresh acidity of fruit and milk scent at once, when you eat with sauce moderator, it will be a moment of bliss.

That's why it's a complete meal. Because the vessel is deep, the amount is surprisingly large. However, because the ice is fluffy, it is not something that gathers in your stomach.

In addition, I will try to eat 'New Cotton Snow Candy Green Tea White Azuki' new taste.

Toppings with white balls and Tsuenan on ice cream flavored with green tea.

First of all, when I tried eating only with ice cream flavored ice cream, I felt the bitterness and aroma of the matcha, which was more mathematical matcha ice cream than I imagined. Of course, the texture is unique to Cotton Snow Candy which can fluffy.

Then Pakuri together with the anko. The fruit sauce had a sense that the sauce was too good, but the compatibility of the green tea ice with the bean paste is outstanding, so it is good so that you can taste both the flavor of the matcha and the sweetness of the ancestry.

Shiratama has become a good accent with a dusty texture.

Then I decided to eat 'Cotton Snow Candy Green Tea' too.

This also uses ice cream flavored ice cream, not milk flavored ice cream, and plenty of condensed milk is applied from the top.

When eating it actually, leaving an exquisite texture of fluffing ice fluffy, it is finished in a sweet sweet sweetness of matcha and condensed milk different from fruit sauce. Because condensed milk felt more sweet than anko, when choosing a Japanese style cotton snowy candy, "Cotton Snow Candy Green Tea" if you like heavy sweets, "Cotton snow" if you want to enjoy the flavor of Matcha firmly Choose Candy Green Tea White Azuki "looks nice.

In addition, "Cotton Snow Candy Mango" and "Cotton Snow Candy Strawberry" are 561 yen including tax, "Cotton Snow Candy Mix" is sold at 669 yen including tax until late August. "Cotton Snow Candy Green Tea" and "Cotton Snow Candy Green Tea Azuki" are on sale from May 27 (Wednesday) to mid-July in the West Japan area and from July 8 (Wednesday) to August It is sold until late. The price is "Cotton Snow Candy Green Tea" is 561 yen including tax, "Cotton Snow Candy Green Tea Azuki" is 669 yen including tax.

In addition, in the East Japan area, sales of "Cotton Snow Candy Chocolate" and "Cotton Snow Candy Chocolate Cookie & Whip" started on May 27th (Wednesday), and in the West Japan area from 8th July (Wednesday) to 8 It will be sold in the period until the end of the month, so here is also a check.

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