The Minecraft Overviewer tool that displays Minecraft like Google Maps

The game "Minecraft", which allows you to build structures freely with a vast map, can be played in a more flexible world by introducing MOD and external tools. Many external tools, such as terrain generators that generate special terrain and skin tools that make it possible to edit characters, have been made public, and one of them is Google Maps APIThe Minecraft OverviewerThere is something that can create a map image of the world called "the world."

Minecraft Overviewer

The Minecraft Overviewer - Overviewer 0.11 documentation

The Minecraft Overviewer is an external tool that can be installed in the PC version of Minecraft,Actual exampleIt is open to the public. When you introduce The Minecraft Overviewer you can see how the map is displayed from the following movie.

"The Minecraft Overviewer" which can display Minecraft as Google Maps in Minecraft - YouTube

Usage is exactly the same as Google Maps. You can zoom in by the adjustment button displayed in the upper left of the screen, or by double clicking.

When zooming in one step, the whole map image has become clearer.

Just move the mouse cursor while clicking to move the map.

As you zoom, you can see the details of the map gradually.

When you zoom to the limit, you can tell the shape of the object installed on the map.

It is possible to explore the world of Minecraft by moving and grinding.

Also, since Minecraft's multi-server set up on the Internet has published numerous map images created using The Minecraft Overviewer, I picked up some of them.

Built using about 500,000 blocksMinecraftOnlineThe map image is enormously vast. As with Google Maps, the map shows markers that indicate specific places.

As we zoomed in, we saw many buildings.

A place like a sky garden built on a tree.

There is even a pyramid.

A building imitating a big chair.

This is Batman's logo mark. The map of MinecraftOnline is huge enough that you can not see everything easily after exploring.

This is a German serverBrauhaus Der HoffnungMap.

I found a big building when moving.

A large building is like a church, designed like Gothic architecture. It is a pleasing point to be able to see thoroughly the fine parts of the outer wall.

nextEthan CentauraiMultiplayer server called.

It is convenient to find out what is on a large map by marker.

Looking at the area where the markers were densely, a little city was built.

When I'm exploring everything in the building, I found something that looks like a Christmas tree.

There are more than 60 registered usersLFT-MinecraftThe islands of various sizes are connected and become like a continent.

It is a super gigantic spherical structure that got an eye on the map.

It is a mystery whether it is just an art or a purpose with some purpose. When zooming it turned out that the torches were lined up in some places.

LFT-Minecraft's publicly available map can switch between day and night. When you try it at night, a sphere emerges in a dark world and directs a mysterious atmosphere.

The place name is written inMineZA map of the server called.

Due to the large map, the places of the place name are located far away from each other.

A structure like a honeycomb.

MineZ has not only ground but also underground maps, there are places to explore.

In addition, since introducing The Minecraft Overviewer requires complicated procedures, when introducingInstallation methodWhenInstallation methodIt looks good to peruse.

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