What are the 11 truths you should know about sex?


Humans are affected variously by having sex. Eleven truths that should be familiar with sex are listed, from what you already knew to what was revealed newly.

11 Facts You Should Know If You're Having Sex - YouTube

A young boy clevering a cigarette. If you think that he is cool ... ...

Actually, that is a mistake.

◆ 01.By sucking cigarettes, the erection force of a man may weaken.

◆ 02.According to a study, it is also known that male and female individuals who normally do not smoke suck smoke occasionally, and the response of the reproductive organs becomes dull.

◆ 03.I also know that sex when drunk with alcohol is not pleasant as usual.

◆ 04.In addition, it has become clear that sexual function is diminished by taking alcohol.

This is because alcohol works to suppress and dull sensory organs.

In other words, it can be said that sex with drinking is often overvalued than it actually is.

Sex has a positive impact on health.

◆ 05.First, the body's immune function improves.

◆ 06.And also the effect of alleviating migraine.

◆ 07.Furthermore, it has been confirmed that blood pressure decreases.

With this, grandpa is also in good health! That's why.

◆ 08.As a result of investigating 152 pairs of couples, it is said that both men and women have longer foreplay.

◆ 09.Also, in the research conducted in 2014, after having sex orgasmPillow talkIt is becoming clear that the more couples do, the stronger the ties between the two.

◆ 10.Both men and women feel guilty about pretending to reach orgasm.

As a result of the survey, it turned out that 19% of women, 6% of men were pretending to be tired.

◆ 11.Another study has shown that men who ejaculated more than 21 times in a month have a lower risk of prostate cancer.

So, if someone sees a place to masturbate ... ...

From now on, there is also worry that if you explain "If the risk of prostate cancer drops if you ejaculate more than 21 times per month, if you are into omakase ... ..." I lost it, so I could work on my heart.

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