There are surprisingly many people who do not know "hidden heart attack"

byMysha Islam

Heart attacks are drawn in the drama, with characters drawn in the dramatic appearance that the character holds his chest with his hands and knees while floating with a painful expression. Of course, this situation can happen even with an actual heart attack, but on the other hand it is also causing a heart attack before the person himself notices it. Research has revealed what kind of symptoms of a heart attack occurred quietly and how often people tend to choose "seeing".

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Heart attacks are caused by blood flow to the heart being inhibited by blood clots and others, but some people do not feel pain at all in the chest, and therefore some people are delayed in contacting the emergency. Or, thinking that the pain is mild, "Some indigestion?" Some think that there is damage to the heart for the first time by going to a hospital and taking an electrocardiogram.According to research published in 2016, Quiet heart attack such as this accounts for 45% of the whole.

People who are quietly suffering from a heart attack are aware that they are in bad condition and are suffering pain such as chin and neck, arms, stomach, back, nausea, sweating, breathing and breathing are weakening Although I feel it, I do not think that the symptom is a heart attack. However, the combination of these signs often appears in people diagnosed with heart attacks.

Heart attacks without chest pain are likely to occur in women, so women often get late for calling for help. So, in 2009, Canadian researchers surveyed 305 patients who are undergoing angioplasty in order to systematically distinguish heart attacks. Angioplasty is an operation to place blood vessels like small balloons where blood flow is inhibited and prompt blood flow again as treatment for heart attack patients. Researchers asked patients who were undergoing treatment for their mood, but there were no differences between men and women regarding chest discomfort, arms pain, shortness of breath, perspiration, and nausea, but women in the chest In addition to the neck and chinIt seems that the tendency to feel pain is high.


On the other hand, research on chest pain as being equally felt for both men and women, some studies suggest that men tend to feel pain in the chest, and the research results were inconsistent. This is because researchers were also investigating diagnoses other than heart attacks, and in 2011 we will be re-aimed only to say that there is a difference between males and females in the symptoms of heart attacks A survey was conducted.

This large-scale study was taken from 26 studies conducted in the United States, Japan, Sweden, Germany, UK and Canada. Together with all the studies, subjectsAbout 900,000 people are crowded. The findings of the investigation are that women are less likely to have symptoms of chest pain than men, while on the other hand they feel tired, nausea, dizziness, neck pain. The majority of people seemed to have chest pains at any sex, but one third of the women and one quarter of men did not feel any symptoms on the chest and understood what was going on It was difficult to do.

A quiet heart attack tends to delay the calling of help, because the symptom is difficult to understand, and the median time lag is 2 to 5 hoursAlso the research results. In a study published in September 2017I interviewed 18 women who had heart attacks, 8 out of 18 people noticed something was wrong soon went to the hospital, but after seeing how the symptoms were ambiguous, 3 people who got serious and headed to the hospital, deteriorated symptoms Although I felt it was not a heart attack, I saw that there were seven women who saw the situation.

Even though a heart attack occurs, many people make a choice of "seeing the state" without thinking that it is related to the heart, recognizing that "a quiet heart attack exists" Dealing with urgent measures seems to make life and death difficult.


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