The 3rd tasting review of 'World Masterpiece Theater 40th Anniversary Collaboration Donut' that can reproduce that famous scene with Patrasche as a donut

Floresta , who has recreated Michiri as a donut by asking Rascal the Raccoon and her mother, has been selling Flemish dogs 'Patrasche', 'Nero' and 'Aroa' donuts from Thursday, May 7th. In the last scene, I actually bought and confirmed how the dog of Flanders, which is famous for not being seen without tears, was made into a donut.

World Masterpiece Theater Series 40th Anniversary 'Patrasche' 'Rascal' 'Amedeo' Collaboration Donut Release Notice | Donut Floresta | Nature Donut

Arrived at Floresta.

In the show window ...

Patrasche and Nero were lined up, so I'll buy it right away.

The donuts were handed in a paper bag.

When I take out the donuts, each one is wrapped in paper.

When I peel off all the wrapping paper, it looks like this.

Let's start with Patrasche (300 yen including tax). It looks a bit like a raccoon dog, but you can feel the atmosphere of Patrasche from the beige body and the slightly brown area around the eyes.

When I put it on my palm, it's about this size, which is one size smaller than Mister Donut.

The back side is not coated.

The entire donut is coated with kinako chocolate and the black eyes are painted with milk chocolate.

When I tried it, the surface of the donut was crispy, and the sweetness was not too sweet and not too modest. Kokkuri kinako chocolate is entwined there, making it a delicious fusion of Japanese and Western styles.

Almonds were used for the ears, and I enjoyed the chewy texture.

Next, Korokoro Patrasche (380 yen including tax)

The whole donut was coated with kinako chocolate, and a collar and a bell were drawn on the body part.

A view of the face from the front. I was a little worried that 'Patrash was like this' ...

I checked it. I feel like it's somewhat different.

Furthermore, when I checked the release image of Floresta, it seems a little different from this ... There seems to be individual differences depending on the store.

I was able to take off my head.

The taste is the same as the kinako flavor of Patrasche. The sweetness is a little strong, but the taste of kinako is also strong, so it is perfect for making tea.

Next, Korokoronero (380 yen including tax)

Seen from the front, it was shaped like a slight neck.

Trademark hat.

The coating of Nero itself is strawberry chocolate, but the acidity of strawberries is not so much, and the aroma and sweetness of the dough is superior to the presence of strawberries. You can enjoy a slight strawberry flavor.

The head part was coated with plenty of white chocolate and this chocolate, so it was a little sweet.

The last is Korokoro Aroa (380 yen including tax)

Some people may wonder, 'Who is Aroa?', But the girl on the right.

What looks like an ear is like a hood.

Aroa is coated with white chocolate and has a slightly sweet finish. Ribbons etc. are written on strawberry chocolate, but since I hardly feel the taste, it was a product for white chocolate lovers.

By the way, if you purchase Patrasche and Korokoronero, you could reproduce the moving last scene of 'I'm tired, Patrasche ...' with donuts.

The Flemish Dog of Flanders World Masterpiece Theater Donuts will be on sale until May 27th (Wednesday).

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