I saw "Animation Game - Daughter Duel Conflict! Daruma san went down" where the local character embarked a chaotic close battle

It was held in Tokushima from May 3, 2015 for 5 daysMachi ★ Asobi vol.14, A cast of animation, a talk show and a screening by a staff, a game trial meeting, etc. were carried out, but not only animation and game related events but also hero show and fishing competitions were carried out. One of them is "Costume showdown! Daruma fell downAt the same time, animation · game · local characters gathered up and fought a chaotic fight.

Machi ★ Asobi vol.14 2015.05.03 ~ 05.05 held

It is the mouse promotion that hosts the eventShozo NayaMr. Assistant is a voice actorKaomi YamaWith Mr. Asobi this timePublic wedding ceremonyMentionedInanoi NanaI am in charge. A total of nine tobacco characters participate in the event, and three pairs of three costumes wear "Daruma went down" three times, and the winner will make a final game with each other.

Participants who are prosperous in the first round are "Namoroid Run Girls"Official mascot character" Kanna-san "who modeled Tachibana Kuna appearing in" ...

It is a mascot character "Saki-chan" and "Mori-kun" of the SDF Tokushima region cooperation headquarters.

Mr. Inoue, who is in charge of the first round of demons, stood on the left side of the stage, the costume began standing to the right of the stage and Daruma fell down. At first glance Mori-kun and Mori-kun seem to be advantageous for her long legs.

When Mr. Inoue says a little slowly as "Daddy ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー", Kagami will show a brave dash unexpectedly.

Before the end of the game, Kanpan touched Mr. Inogami, a demon. The game was momentarily attached.

The winner of the first round is Kagami. Beside Mr. Sasaki and Mori-chan, Mr. Kanna shows joy, he is overlooking on the stage because his visibility is bad.

In the second round the mascot in Tokushima Prefecture "SushiAppeared. A great cheering will be sent by being from the local origin.

Following overwhelmingly popular Sudo-kun, this is also the popular Anisama official publicity advertisement "WowAppeared while being supported by the staff. The insecurity of "Do you want to win?

Following Husa, "Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project mirai"Official promotion character" Mikudayo "appeared and three bodies were served. Even just entering the stage is hard.

Such a start of the second round. Mr. Sushida-kun with long legs and Mikudayo are advantageous.

The game advances with Kikuka's calling onigumi.

Did you realize something 's air? Mikudayo stopped moving all along the way.

Well, it was an unexpected expansion that leads, but when it is not being played, it moves and it goes out!

The game is a battle of Mikudayo who regained motivation with Sushi.

It is Sudoki who restrained close battle. It is a wonderful advance to the final.

Next was the entrance "Gunslinger Stratos"Maguma" and "Doguma" of the official mascot characters, because the head is huge and the legs are short, entering the stage is also a difficult situation.

The mascot character "Kelot" of the slot machine manufacturer Yamasa appearing in the game "God Eater" series after Muguma and Douma came out. Kelot is advantageous regardless of how easy it is to move.

Three were lined up in standing position and Daruma started falling. The costumes who have already participated in the game are waiting at the left end of the stage, so the distance between the demons and the costume is gradually getting closer.

Although the shout started, the kelot who read the air hardly moved and the toe and the lead led a lead.

I will go walking and walking in a dogleg sideways.

At the end, the lead that had been leading touches the Inogami with his head and ends.

Kelot's worry also is overturning his expectations and the winning victory.

Ninety costumes have already appeared and the stage on the stage is dead. There is a possibility that the costume falls down from the stage because of poor visibility, and Mr. Naya, Mr. Kakuma, Mr. Inogami must support it.

Here is a super giant costume of God Eater 's Augatail as a guest. However, the costume of about 80 kg is impossible to move alone, supported by 7 and 8 staff.

Somehow the augatail arrived at the stage. My head is too heavy so I'm afraid I'm falling down if I give up. Because you can not have Daruma just fallen by Augustale, the original hero from Tokushima "Maro Ryujin Maver" will participate in a rush.

It is difficult for the augatail to line up on the start line, and finally started with Mr. Nayato standing in front of the stage in the middle.

Mavu poses during the normal fight, as Maver 's victory is clear, Mabel poses during the "Daruma - san fell" and excites the field.

When Augartail wins, it is likely that the final game is going to be ridiculous, and Mavel has finally won. The augatail was a chaos expansion that only shakes fungus vertically or horizontally.

While the stage is preparing for the final game, the Augustale that scatters and scatters. I'd like to call out to you, my best regards.

So the final game started with Kanna, Sushi, Mavel, Dragon. I can not see it because the head of the bear is too big, but Kanna is in the back of the stage, and Mavel is lined next to the dog.

Mavel has overwhelming advantage ... ...

There is little motivation to seriously. Refreshing the air Pause in the center of the stage with your favorite selfishness. Those who Daruma went down are Sudoku-kun's lead and have won the victory.

Sudden kun who leaded without victory wins!

The venue is exciting as it comes from local people.

To Sushi-kun, a certificate was sent as a winning product, and then a PR time of about one minute was given afterwards.

Many costumes rolled down from the stage, "Destroying confrontation confrontation! Daruma san fell" without a don bow to the river finished successfully.

It was the costumes who ended the stage while being supported by the staff at the end.

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