"Cosplay fashion show" of cosplay large collection full of personality such as high quality Shinobu Oshino and Doara

Gusset ★ AsobiSo, people related to animation and games show off various strange stories and entertain the fans who visited the venue, but there are a lot of events in which ordinary fans participate, and everyone took part in Tokushima You can make the city excitement. One such participatory event is "Cosplay fashion show"The unique cosplayers are gathered this time as well.

'Machi ★ Asobi Vol.14' Cosplay Event Cosplay Fashion Show - Machi ★ Assoby

The cosplay fashion show will be held at "Higashi Shinmachi Arcade". Put a red carpet and the cosplayer walks over this.

Starting point A lot of spectators gathered on both sides of the red carpet to stand by the camera.

That's why the cosplay fashion show started. The first thing that appearedHaloMaster chief appearing in the series.

All but weapons are perfect armed.

The following appearedWimpy pedalsChampions of the Hakone Gakuen appearing in the Hakone Gakuen. Fuwitoshi Shuichi walking at the top is magnificently reproduced until the crisp eyebrows.

Next is the mid-day dragons' mascot character Doula.

Good feeling out of between the head home is good.

This is……

Producer who appears in THE IDOLM @ STER.

MagiAli Baba and Kneadama have a commitment to the details of costumes.

Mr. Saki and Saki who is the loose character of the SDF Tokushima regional cooperation headquarters.

Beyond the BoundaryKuriyama future

Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project miraiIt is the official promotional character ofMikudayo

Anyway it is a big deal.

Leon · S · Kennedy appearing in the biohazard series. It is the cosplay around the time of Resident Evil 6.

Troops while soldiers of the Earth Defense Forces are recruiting members.

It is a cosplay fashion show of Machi ★ Asobi that you can see a wide variety of cosplay forms from various works.

Cyborg Ninja Appears in Metal Gear Solid Series

Naked snake snake to cosplay fashion show with calorie mate with one hand.

NARUTO - NarutoWe came all the way to Akatsuki that appeared in Tokushima. Konan and Pain

Scorpion and Deidara

Flight and angular city

Nagato and Itachi

And Tobi. Dry persimmon Kamekawa was absent whether there was any other errands.

Self-coming Yasuya & Tsunade are also the legendary three ninja.

Well,God EaterElena Dear Fogelweider & Alisa Irinichina Amiera

Tokyo BitterMorika Kirishima and Kanagi Ken

Also from Tokyo breeds Tatara & et

Again Maka Kirishima & Aya Kirishima & Kaneki Lab

There are also different combination of Suzuya Fukuzu & Geckos.

Kanagi Ken 's clothes appearance.

Gunslinger StratosFrom Touma & Maguma

Attack on TitanA small super large giant attacked from.

Ultra large-sized giant in suits as well.

From the same advancing giant, Elvin Smith

Leviathi soldier

Full-scale up to three-dimensional mobile devices.

VOCALOID's KAITO & Kagamine Len

Fleet CollectionFrom the island style

Island style, Kanji, I 19

This is Atago · Kan Ge · Island style

Fate / stay nightFrom Ilya Schief · von · Einzbern

In addition, Saber & Archer

Lancer × 2

Saber × 2

Seven deadly sinsFrom the left front row Meriodus Eizabeth, from the left rear row Gowel Elizabeth wearing clothing Dianne King

Assassination ClassroomShiota Nagisa · killing · red wing business

TIGER & BUNNYFrom the old costume Wild Tiger.

Next is Shigeru, T, Tora Toru in plain clothes.

Kanagi Ken of Tokyo race seriesShinobu Oshino

GintamaKagura & Shintoism

Kagura, Gintoki, Shinkani

Hurriedly participated in the cosplay fashion showSushi.

Sword Art OnlineFrom Kirito &DanganronpaFujisaki Chihiro

Female high school girls

Pocket Monsters Omega Ruby & Pocket Monsters Alpha SapphireFrom Higana

From the Story Series Shinobu Oshino & Haruka Temple Midnight

Oshino Meme

PSYCHO-PASSGinoda with Shimano from Shinya Kano

FINAL FANTASY 0 type, From 0 pair transfer student Rem

Space ☆ DandyWith Miau ......

Dandy of a worthy reissent also participated in the war.

From Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Camille Bidan

Cosplay that personified Sudoko.

Many cosplays with gas masks also appeared.


From Card Captor Sakura, Lee Xiaolan (Li Xiaolan)

Yo-kai watchOrochi & Kaido

Jojoror's Eastern Settlement

Chicken that appears in K-on

Lupine the third policeman appearing in the castle of Cagliostro

Frog from God Eater again

And Ogatel also appeared.

People inside have a look ... ...?

Ogatelle disappeared into the city of Tokushima as it was.

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