Illustrate how society's way of thinking such as same-sex marriage and interracial marriage has changed has become clear


The first nationwide ordinance to issue a "partnership certificate" that recognizes a relationship equivalent to marriage to the same-sex couples, on April 1, 2015It was enforced in Tokyo Shibuya-ku. Movements trying to admit same-sex marriage are seen not only in Japan, but also around the world, and in recent years there has been a tendency for movement to rapidly become active. There are various matters besides gay marriage that "what has been prohibited by law until now has been legalized" is various, but it is obvious that there is "a certain tendency" in the change of social thinking by graphs visualizing them It is on.

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In America, the same gay marriage was accepted for the first time in Massachusetts state. After that, besides Massachusetts State, gay marriage was gradually recognized in California State and Connecticut State, and finally,In June 2015 the federal Supreme Court ruling on whether to accept same sexual marriage in all states of the United States will be issued. It is evident that the national law has been evolved just 11 years after the same sex marriage was approved, which suggests that people's thoughts changed rapidly.

I understand that there is a tendency towards the movement that "what has been prohibited so far is legalized by changes in people's thoughts." First of all, some states start as pioneers, with the addition of court judgments and other events, the movement will expand and the federal law will eventually change. Here, the flow from homosexual appearance to legalization on the appearance of pioneer about visualization of same sexual marriage · interracial marriage · women's suffocation right · abortion · prohibition of manufacturing / selling of alcoholic beverage · treatment of marijuana for entertainment is visualized.

First of all, the graph below shows "the number of changes that the state law permitted the things that had been forbidden by law until then." Each line graph is interracial marriage (green) from the left, prohibition of manufacturing and sales of alcohol (yellow), women's suffrage (purple), abortion (tea), same sex (blue), marijuana (red) for entertainment. For example, what has been forbidden from the oldest in the United States is interracial marriage (green), gradually becoming recognized in each state over 200 years, and finally in 1967 the federal Supreme Court "Rubbing v. VirginiaLawsuit "that ruled that the law prohibiting interracial marriage is a constitutional violation. In addition, abortion (brown), same sexual marriage (blue), entertainment marijuana (red) are sharp compared with interracial marriage (green), ban on making and selling alcohol (yellow), women's suffrage (purple) I understand that it is admitted to.

Let's look at each item individually. First from interracial marriage. Interracial marriage has already been accepted in two states in 1787 and gradually increases its number by the year 1950. The triggering event is a ruling in 1948 that the law banning interracial marriage was unconstitutional, which was issued at the Supreme Court in California State, and thereafter the number of provinces that promptly allow interracial marriage will increase . And in 1967 and 1967 after 1948, the Supreme Court sent a similar ruling, and interracial marriage was accepted throughout the United States.

In the United States ban production, distribution, sale etc. of alcoholic beverages in 1920Abstention from alcoholAlthough it was stipulated, the abstinence law also has a trend that the social movement has rapidly expanded with a turning point as a turning point, leading to the establishment of federal law. Looking at the graph below, the state that established enforcement law until 1906 is a minority, and it was a trend that it will be abolished immediately even once enacted. However, advocates of the prohibition prohibition called "dry" rushed into the bar, exercising was intensified, such as ritualizing the bottle of sake with a hand ax, intensified exercise law in 1920 was enacted. In addition, the abstinence prohibition law was completely abolished in 1933.

The first time women's voting rights were realized in the state of Wyoming in the United StatesThings in 1869. Since then, Wyoming State has been promoted to the 44th state of the United States in 1890, it is said to be the first province where female voting rights were approved. By around 1910, various groups such as American Women's Entratory Organizations will mature and lobbying will be active. Due to the activities of these organizations, in 1920 after ten years the women's suffrage was approved under Article 19 of the amendment of the United States Constitution.

A state regulating abortion appeared in the United States from around 1820, abortion was banned by 1950, except in cases where danger posed to women's life in most states,Row vs. Wade CaseThe situation has changed. "Women's decision on whether to continue pregnancy is included in the privacy right"In 1973 it was stated that" the Constitution of the United States guarantees the right of women's abortion ". Until then, there were only four states in Hawaii, Alaska, New York, Washington that could do abortion without giving reasons, but abortion in the United States was legalized after the Row decision. Looking at the graph, there is no trigger event, it is suddenly legalized, and you can see that it is a very special case.

Beyond the graphs heretofore, there was a sexual marriage that had intense movement in a short period of time. In 2004 the same-sex marriage registration began in Massachusetts State, and a few months later the Domestic Partner Act was established in California, following Massachusetts State. Certain rights have been granted to homosexual partners as well. It was in 2013 that the movement was rapidly activated,The "marriage defense law (DOMA)" stipulating that marriage in federal law is limited to men and women is unconstitutionalIt was the year when the ruling was given. After two years thereafter, 28 states have legalized homosexual marriages and are now in existence.

Although it is still small as a movement, marijuana for entertainment is thought to be a big problem in the future. Marijuana for medical use has already been approved in 24 states, but marijuana for entertainment is legalized only in the four states of Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska. In 2016 it is expected to consider whether to legalize marijuana for entertainment in at least five states.

For the five items, visualizing the time taken to legalize since the triggering event happened looks like the following. Gay marriage has been over 2 years, the abortion is 6 years, the women's suffrage right is 10 years, the prohibition on alcoholic beverages is 13 years, the interracial marriage is 19 years, the speed is clearly rising as the times approach the present .

While the same sex marriage is accepted in the United States, it is also true that a ruling to support the law prohibiting gay marriage is also given. According to the New York Times, regarding the prospect of the Supreme Court ruling issued in June 2015 "Most observers believe that the Supreme Court will ruling that he considers a gay marriage to be a constitutional right in all statesAt the same time, it has been pointed out that even though the Supreme Court has taken a cautious attitude toward same-sex marriage, there is a possibility that legalization will not result.

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