With the historical six inventions that have evolved human sex

Mankind who manipulates tools has produced various tools and techniques to enrich sex life as well. A movie is released on YouTube to see what kind of technology and toys are related to sex that have been developed by humanity so far.

6 Inventions That Changed The Way You Have Sex - YouTube

Among the clarified so far, the existence of the oldest toy has been confirmed was made around 26,000 BCDildoAnd that.

Although it is a dildo simulating a male unit, in 2005 it found something that seems to have been used in the old era from the old German cave. It seems that the material is a stone.

The era approaches contemporary at a stretch and photographs are put to practical use in the year 1839 AD.

In this time invented in FranceDaguerreotypeThe shooting method called the photograph shooting which was difficult to handle up to now was made practical at once. In Japanese it is "Silver picturesThe name may be more general. People used this camera to film things like pornography.

In 1869,VibratorIt will modernize.

This year, "Steam engine type vibrator" which moves with the power of steam acquired patent for the first time. That machine is "The ManipulatorIt was called.

It seems that it looked like this machine. At that time it was also used for medical purposes.

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In the 1920s, condoms evolve dramatically.

It becomes a rubber materiallatexAs the development of the production method of the latex rubber has become thin and stretchy. Utilizing its characteristics, latex condoms will be used.

And in the era of 1992, text messages that have spread widely around this time will also be used as one of sex tools. It became general that sending sexual content messages by feeling that you can send text easily. Combining "sex" and "texting" meaning sending a messageSextingIt seems that it can be said that the word which has spread so broadly that it will be created around 2004.

And in 1998, in the United StatesViagraHas been released.

Viagra, also known as "drug of dreams" as a medicine to treat male erectile dysfunction, was accepted into the world with shocks. Originally it is Viagra which is a remedy medicine, but in some cases "abuse" is seen as well, and it became news that a dead person appeared due to a side effect.

Sex technology that began with the use of tools and evolved with the power of science and medicine, but how will human beings evolve in the future?

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