Why is there a lot of Kickstarter projects for "Saifu"?

Cloud funding siteKickstarterThen,Smart WatchAnd3D printer,Wireless earphoneProjects of a wide variety of products, such as the project, are being deployed, but among them are many that are "WalletIt is a project of. The staff of Kickstarter himself analyzes why there are many projects of products that are common "Saifu".

Why are there so many wallets on Kickstarter? - Kickstarter

There are 4463 projects that are looking for investment on Kickstarter as of the time of article writing, of which only about 3% of the total involved in the wallet is 17, of which Kickstarter's project ranges from movies to food So 17 is never a small number. Also, the material and shape of the wallet are various, such as compact wallet, leather wallet, flexible material card holder, carbon fiber made money clip, CNC processed metal wallet etc. Where I am very concerned why the wallet's plan is so popular.

◆ Ideal as a start of making things
According to John Dimatos, who is a leader in the field of design and technology at Kickstarter, there are many things you can get more than estimates, especially for people who want to learn about making things. Dimatos said, "If you want to make a wallet, can you show the procedure of making a wallet? If you step by step, you will understand the way to complete it as a product" It is.

Also, Mr. Dimatos analyzes that the fact that there are many Saifu projects is not because the wallet is easy to make but also because it is a familiar product. Saifu is a simple construction, with simple design that folds, sews, or sticks with fabrics, everyone can become a creator. "By starting with the first project from the wallet it is possible to challenge products that are more risky and more ambitious as the second and third one, the first project should start with a small product," Dimatos He says.

In the fall of 2014 "Yubi wallet"Stephen Greenberg, a designer who succeeded in the project, added a storage device for food storage containers"Stackerware"We started the project. Although this project had been drawing ideas before Saifu, as a result of going ahead of the wallet project, "By making many ways of making mistakes in making a wallet, we made breakthrough of making things, I was able to tackle quite complicated projects than last time, "reveals the benefits of making wallets.

Kickstarter is not the only one that uses Saif as the starting point of making things.Stanford's Hasso Plattner Institute of Design(Commonly known as d.school), a 90-minute workshop for people who work on making things for the first time "The Wallet ProjectThis is done, and here you can learn how to satisfy consumers by activating creativity. The reason for using Saifu in the workshop is that Saifu has plenty of information on people's daily life and needs, and it is an ideal theme.

◆ Anyone can make it
Saifu has a myriad of possibilities because of simple making, and it is said that people who have never experienced making things until now are just good products as a catalyst to jump into the world of making things. Money Clip "Flexy"Mike Sargent analyzed that the simplicity and familiarity of Saif is igniting the challenge of making an interesting design wallet. "The means to carry bills and cards is diverse, and it takes time to make a wallet with a cumbersome function," Sargent says.

Kickstarter's Saifu Project gathered the largest amount of investment as "TGT"This is a project that the movie producer Jack Sutter complained about the wallet he was using and made his own wallet in one hand of the main job. TGT gathers 317,424 dollars (about 37.9 million yen) against the target amount of 20,000 dollars (about 2.39 million yen), and Mr. Sutter's expectation that "200 to 300 pieces would be enough" I decided to make 13,000 wallets on the back. From this, it turns out that Kickstarter can easily recruit equity even if it is not a professional designer.

◆ There is always demand
And Kickstarter said that the biggest reason for many projects of Saifu is "People want Saifu". People who use clips instead of wallets or people who do not use wallets in the first place, for those who have an investment plan about 20 dollars (about 2400 yen), they are easy items to contribute. In addition, because the product called "Saifu" is more familiar than other projects, it is easy for people to understand the purpose of the project, and those who are seeking a wallet of a different design than the existing wallet are financed.

Also, traditional leather wallets with wallets and card slots were born in the 1940s and 50s, modern people "Do not carry things as much as possible and have only cash and cards as minimal as possible" The demand for slim and light wallet is rising as it is not fitting the trend of it. Various wallet projects deployed on Kickstarter have met the needs of modern people, and it is analyzed that there are many planning and investment from those who seek wallets tailored to their lifestyle. "Minimal size wallet", "Carbon fiber made wallet", "CNC processed aluminum wallet" etc are modern wallet trends.

Kickstarter is a great stage for those who first experience making things by making saifs, and those seeking wallets that are perfect for themselves.

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