"Heavy Metal", a tungsten cube with a palm size and weight of 1 kg "Forge Solid"

Even though it is a small cube with each side of 3.8 cm, a metal object whose weight is 1 kg is "Forge Solid"is. Forge Solid is one of rare metalstungstenIt is a squared consolidation, the bluntly shining surface releases a distinctive presence, and the attraction of metal has become an object condensed.

Forge Solid KILO: Denser than solid uranium by Jaime Raijman - Kickstarter

Forge Solid is what kind of metal you can see by looking at the following movies and so on.

Forge Solid is 95% pure tungsten molded into a precise cube. For that processing, it is required to apply a high pressure of 60 tons in 1 inch square (about 2.5 cm square) with a press machine.

Tungsten, one of the rare metals, is a very hard and heavy metal. Its specific gravity is19.3It will be 19.3 times as heavy as the same volume of water. The specific gravity of tungsten is equivalent to that of gold, uranium, etc., and it has the largest specific gravity among all the elementsosmium(Specific gravity 22.57). Given that the general gravity of iron is about 8, it may seem to somehow grasp the image of that weight.

Also, tungsten has the highest melting point among metals, its temperature is how much3380 degrees Celsius. The boiling point is at 5555 degrees Celsius, and it is impossible to imagine how to reach that temperature. Due to its high hardness and melting point, its processing is known as a very difficult metal.

Taking advantage of the property of being very heavy with a small volume, tungsten is used to adjust the weight balance of F1 machineballast(Weight) excellent material as well.

ByWilliam Hook

Forge Solid with a weight of 1 kg with a 3.8 cm cube using such tungsten, but the image of that size is slightly smaller than arranging two supplied power adapters for the iPad as follows. If you think that the same weight as a 12-inch notebook PC is packed in this size, you may be able to sense the condensed weight.

In this way, Forge Solid is a special metal object made with rare materials. Although it is not shown in particular how to use it, it seems that it is something called "work" suitable for placing it on a desk or putting it at hand as an object for directing the texture of metal.

This Forge Solid is a cloud funding siteKickstarterWe are looking for investment in. For the target amount of $ 5000 (about 600,000 yen), at the time of writing the article gathered about 400,000 dollars (about 48 million yen) from more than 3000 investors worldwide.

Forge Solid has four models by size, and the smallest "The Mini Cube"Is a cube whose length is ½ inch (about 1.27 cm), its weight is 37 g. The early discount Early Bird plan has already been filled, but you can get one for $ 24 (approximately 2900 yen) and two for 36 dollars (about 4300 yen).

"The length of one side is exactly one inch (about 2.54 cm)"The Cube"(296 grams weight) is already full of frame for the Early Bird plan, but you can get one by equity investment of $ 69 (about 8300 yen). Also, one set of The Mini Cube and The Cube "The Parfect Pair"Is 79 dollars (about 9500 yen), two pieces of the larger The Cube"The Cube-2-Pack"Is 127 dollars (about 15,200 yen).

And it can be said to be the core presence of Forge Solid "The Kilo"Is a state that can finance the Early Bird plan of 199 dollars (about 24,000 yen). In addition, we set three kinds that appeared so far "The Stack"Is 269 dollars (about 32,000 yen).

A set of 5 in 1 inch "The Cube" is 289 dollars (about 35,000 yen), a set of 10 pieces is 499 dollars (about 60,000 yen), and an eye-catching "The Gigantica"Is a larger model with 2 inch (about 5.1 cm) per side, and its weight is 2370 grams, that is, 2.37 kg. The price is 490 dollars (about 59,000 yen).

1/2-inch, 1-inch, 2-inch Cube setThe Snow Man"(Snow Dharma) it is $ 549 (about 66,000 yen), and all four kinds are set"The Full Stack"Is 729 dollars (about 80 thousand yen).

In addition, there are only items of heavyweight, where the fare at the time of shipment is anxious. To ship to Japan, a minimum of $ 99 (about 2,300 yen) is required for the smallest The Mini Cube, starting with a separate shipping fee, up to $ 99 (about 1 2000 yen) shipping fee is required.

The deadline of investment is Japan time at 5:22 on April 10, 2015 (Friday), the shipping time is scheduled for April 2015.

Forge Solid: Denser than solid uranium by Jaime Raijman - Kickstarter

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