FC 2 emphasizes compliance as it is "to date" against arrest report on suspicion of animation live broadcast delivery

"Arrested FC 2, including suspected videocracy videos president"It turned out that the announcement was issued on the official blog of FC 2 against the report.

FC2 General Information Ni 関 Shimashite About Coverage of Today

First of all, according to the contents reported by each press, the two were arrested for the president of the Internet affiliate "Homepage System" with headquarters in Osaka City and two other consultants with the former president. this house,The adviser is wrapped in a mystery FC 2 founder's "brother"It is said that it is. For the founder of the mysterious FC 2, the entry of the blog that he saw the building in Las Vegas that FC 2 is registered as of 2006I saw a building of FC 2 - seven backups to make my life worse"It is written in detail.

In addition, the suspected arrestThe live broadcasting of a man acting as a sex act of a former live chat distribution business, which was called "hat kimi" at "FC2 live"Conspirmed about the case that became a problem and convicted with suspended execution, "Illegal obscene video showing the state of sexual acts was transmitted unmodified and made available for general public viewing"something like. Both names that were arrested this time are "I have a mistake"We deny charges as.

And FC 2's blog posted on the official blog posted the following, the FC 2 users rushed to the comment section, "I want you to keep only blogging because the movie can go anywhere" "fc 2 Are you OK? I can not stop the blog service ?? "" When honest fc2 runs out, it is very difficult for a homepage or blog to have a wiki, so at least I will survive only on the homepage and blog ... " A lot of comments, etc. concerning the survival of the FC2 blog have been received.

Thank you very much for using FC2 (fc2.com).

There was a report that the president of our development consigned company was arrested on April 22, 2015 (Japan time 23rd).

In the news reports, incorrect reports that FC 2 representatives were arrested, not the company to be outsourced, are scattered, but there is no fact that the representative of FC 2 was arrested.

FC 2 will continue to provide comprehensive compliance as usual and will provide full service to meet users' requests and expectations.

In addition, it is easy to understand what kind of company "corporate web site system" which is said to be the management of substantial FC 2 by reading the following valuable photo article.

Development company that undertakes development of "FC2", a huge Web service with over 20 million users, a monthly over 15 billion PV per month (1/3) | Change job site 【Green】 | Job recruitment / recruitment in the IT / Web industry A strong job change site for information Green (Green)

In the above-mentioned article, the "director" of the homepage system (the names of all the members appearing in this article are unpublished from the beginning) say as follows, "From the fact that I actually managed FC 2 It seems to be considered by the police and the homepage system ".

Our company is a company which wholesale the system of Web service as a package. Our mission is to plan and deliver a system tailored to the client's needs. Among them, the core of our business is the Web service "FC 2" operated by two FC companies in the United States.

"FC 2" offers over 40 Web services including FC 2 blog · FC 2 movie · FC 2 live. Since 2011, it has become multilingual and supports 13 different languages. According to statistics of FC 2, as of June 2013, it is used in 224 countries, has over 20 million users, PV 150 billion PV, bandwidth usage 200 Gbps has been reached. In 2012, we will launch the social game platform "FC2 game" and the wireless LAN service "FC2 Wifi", and in 2013 we will release a message application "FC2 Talk" with location information, including a wide range of web services We are developing services.

Most of the services provided by these "FC 2" are based on our development. Since our establishment in 2002, we have been engaged in service development of "FC 2", and now it is a development company that provides one stop from planning to development, design, translation, and customer support. In addition, we are doing media repording business using "FC 2" as advertising medium, and our company has also achieved rapid growth as "FC 2" grows. In terms of the number of people, we increased the number of employees by more than 30 even from the period from October 2012 to August 2013, and the number of employees exceeded 120.

2015/04/24 12: 57 Addendum
According to the report of the Asahi Newspaper, a popular high-quality video creator posted "In order to increase the number of postings, the poster showed the condition to make 10% more share of revenue earned by browsing the video than ordinary contributors" According to the statement of those who actually got guilty by carrying out obscene video live broadcasting "From the operator side raises the return rate (share) of points, so I was told by e-mail that I would like to post more videos"apparently.

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