Jelly drink when chilled, if you freeze and sherbet dido "Puri Sharri orange" quickly drank

Daido Drinko starts from April 20 th (Monday) 2015, that fruit jellyTortoiseI collaborated with "Tamari Puri Shari orangeWe will release. As you could get a drink that you can enjoy two textures that you can enjoy jelly beverages when you cool down and become sherbets when frozen, we tried both textures.

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This is "Tamari Puri Shari mandarin oranges". It has become a new product for spring and summer, and it is the optimum drink for salt supplement in the summer.

After frozen, you can eat sherbet of chariotary if you bottle in the bottle, and shake the bottle gently after chilling, you can enjoy juice drinks with juice and jelly mixed with juice.

Raw materials include milk juice and miso soup. In addition, sodium is also contained 71 mg per 100 ml, and it can be used as a drink to prevent heat stroke in the summer.

Tilted, the inside drink was serious.

First, lightly shake the bottle in order to taste the jelly drink.

When pouring into a cup, "Jelly will not settle out", but it is not enough, jelly comes out mixed with juice and juice.

As I drank it, the taste of the tangerine juicy jelly inside the oranges juice is intact, the texture of jelly full of fruit will be addictive. It is also sour and slightly salty, it has become a drink that can be drunk.

Next, in order to ascertain the texture of the sherbet, I tried frozen the Tama River Puri Shrimp Mikan at the quinch.

After a while it melted out. Even if it is frozen in the summer, it seems to melt quickly due to temperature difference, but it took more than 30 minutes to melt in the April temperature.

If you melt the bottle also fir.

When putting it in a cup, you can see that the horn is solidly sherbetized enough to stand up.

I tried scooping with a spoon. Sherbet is finished to be dense, because it becomes thicker when it freezes when it melts. Instead of jelly's feeling of pulp, I was able to enjoy the texture like shaked ice.

Furthermore, the release date of "Tamari Puru Shari mandarin" is from April 20 th (Monday) 2015, and the suggested retail price is 150 yen per tax.

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