A match-up game "pacapong" to avoid attacks of invaders and donkey Kong-style gorillas brilliantly and table tennis with Pac-Man

Space Invaders·Pon·PacmanA two-player battle game which forcibly gathers a game with a long history of more than 30 years such as "PacapongIn the game,Donkey KongWind gorillas will also appear as disturbing characters and attack players. I tried to actually play because it is a game that seems to need a sense of calm judgment handling multiple things at the same time and a skillful manipulation of the four keys.

Pacapong by kingPenguin

The play movie of "pacapong" is as follows. The player manipulates an object like a board appearing in a pon and Pac-Man simultaneously, and if you earn points more than a certain amount earlier, it is a rule of winning.

I played a two player battle game "pacapong" - YouTube

◆ Download and play games
"Pacapong" isHereDownloadable from. Download the version suitable for your OS from "Download" at the bottom of the page.

Click "OK".

Since we downloaded things for Windows this time, the file "pacapong_windows.zip" was saved on the PC. Since the file is in ZIP formatExplzhUnzip using a decompression software such as.

Then click "pacapong.exe" saved in the folder to start it.

Then the game started. Yellow and red boards are floating on the left and right sides of the screen displayed first, the yellow board can be operated with "W" "A" "S" "D" key, the red board can be operated with the cursor keys It is.

Actually pressing the key moves the board and the game starts.

The game screen looks something like this. The elapsed time and the score of each player are displayed in the red frame part at the upper center of the screen.

At first, Pac-Man randomly appeared on either the left or right board.

After a few seconds, Pac-Man will be automatically fired from the board and advance in areas with countless foods in the center of the screen.

Since the direction of Pac-Man's movement is linked with the movement of the board operated by the player, Pac-Man will also move upwards if you move the board upwards.

It is impossible for Pac-Man to stop and change direction by 180 degrees, but if you change the direction by 90 degrees, you can endlessly wander around the center area. However, since the moving speed of Pac-Man is fairly fast, considerable concentration is required to operate as desired.

In addition, as Pac-Man eats food, the points of the player will rise, so it would be nice if you guide the route so that you can eat a lot of food.

When the opponent player takes Pac-Man with a board ......

It will be the number the other party will fire Pac-Man. Since the position where Pac-Man is released is indicated by an icon like a red frame portion, we carefully examine the route until Pac-Man automatically launches.

As you go forward for a while with this feeling, you notice that there is an icon different from regular food in the red frame on the screen.

Looking closely at this, it was an invader of an enemy character appearing in Space Invaders.

I tried eating this invader with Pac-Man on a trial ......

A huge invader appears above the board operated by the enemy player.

Be careful as the points gained by players will decrease if you hit this invader.

In addition, when Pac-Man eats foods when INVADER invades, the board that the player operates will laser-attack. If we apply this to the invader we can repel the invaders.

When three invaders are lined up like this ... ...

Popopon! It is possible to summon an invader and cause the opponent player to pinch.

Of course you can repel the invaders by moving the pacman and the board well.

Gorilla appeared suddenly from the bottom of the screen, as I got the most rules.

If you are distracted by the gorilla, the operation of the board will be undesirable.

This gorilla is an obstructing character, and when it appears randomly, throwing a tal on the screen ......

If you hit this tal ...

The points you earn will be reduced.

Since a mysterious pink gorilla will quietly dismiss you if you throw a tal, so if you avoid the invader and manipulate Pac-Man brilliantly, avoiding the gallilla's throws a bit.

Naturally, if Pac-Man hits a monster on the screen ... ...

It will disappear and points will decrease.

Furthermore, since the opponent becomes the number to operate Pac-Man, you need to be careful that Pac-Man does not hit monsters.

Continue playing like that and the game ends when either player gathers more than a certain point.

The player moves the board to catch Pac-Man, avoid Invaders and Tal, while moving Pac-Man to avoid monsters while eating Paca Pac and collecting points, eat with Small Invader Icon with Pakuri Just send the invaders to the position of OK. It sounds very complicated, but as the speed of the game is fast, there is no time to think complicatedly, so it is OK if you collect points so that they do not hit the enemy's attack anyway. You can enjoy playing more easily than you can imagine, and you can enjoy playing alone if you play against the left and right hands.

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