What is the surprising reason why Apple Watch's loan service is started?

The loan service of "Apple Watch" which was accepted as reservation from April 10, 2015 is "Apple Watch LeaseAlthough it is about to be started with, Apple Watch Lease has published the reason why he is trying to start the loan service on the official website.

Apple Watch Lease

You'll be able to rent an Apple Watch - but should you? - Apr. 14, 2015

Although Apple Watch is a terminal that can experience a different experience from previous Apple products, Apple Watch Lease, who is about to launch the device's lending service, thinks "Apple Watch is better to borrow rather than purchase." For some reason, it seems that the reason is in Apple's product development style.

The 11-inch MacBook Air that was released three years ago is still sold for 600 dollars (about 71,000 yen), and we have purchased the device after understanding that the user is also an old model. The reason why the price of the old model is still high is because there is no big difference in performance with the new model.

However, the idea of ​​Apple Watch Lease is that the original Apple Watch is different from existing Apple products. According to Apple Watch Lease, the next generation Apple Watch will be upgraded significantly from the original model, the original Apple Watch will soon be obsolete.

It is because Apple Watch Lease is analyzing the value of products based on the concept of "Time" and "Buyability" for this reason so far. "Buyability" is a word unfamiliar, but it has the following three characteristics, understanding the characteristics understand the meaning of the word somehow.
· Buyability is inversely proportional to price. The lower the price the better the Buyability will rise.
· It is proportional to the quality and quantity of the function.
· It is proportional to usability.

In other words, the higher the Buyability, the easier the user to purchase the product.

The graph below plots "Time" and "Buyability" of products that Apple Watch Lease is not made from Apple. With ordinary products, the price goes down as time passes, and the quality of the function also declines as technology evolves. Function becomes old and operability also becomes worse relatively than before, so Buyability also goes down.

Graphing the iMac from the viewpoint of "Time" and "Buyability" will be as follows. Three rows show the latest model from the top. The iMac has no big difference in the latest model and performance even in the model of 3 years ago, and the graph becomes a gentle curved line with time, and the decrease of the buyerability is slight even with the lapse of time.

MacBook said that the product life is not so long compared with iMac. The reason is that because the features and functions that are valuable are added to the latest model, as the latest model comes up, the buying ability of the existing model drops sharply.

IPhone's product life is much shorter than the MacBook, and when the next-generation iPhone is released, the buyability is plotted at a higher position. This is because the next-generation iPhone always adds worthwhile features and features. Therefore, as time goes by, the buying rate drops sharply. The old iPhone is that it is difficult to compete with the new iPhone.

So, what about Apple Watch? Since Apple Watch is considered to release the next-generation model in a very short period of time, the buyer's ability to go down easily, and adding significant changes expects Buyability to be plotted at a higher position than existing Apple Watch is. Features and features that were not found in the original model may be added one after another in a few years, which is somewhat similar to the iPhone graph. It seems that it will take some time for iMac and MacBook to be available as an active user even a few generations ago.

Purchasers can not be very interested in products that will soon become out of date and dealers also feel a certain degree of risk to products that are highly likely to be unsold due to the release of next generation products. Also, the dealership side will not be interested in products that are highly likely to be unsold due to the release of next generation products. If you still need to sell it, you may sell Apple Watch that cost $ 1000 (about 120,000 yen) at a price of $ 250 (about 30,000 yen).

The reason for starting the loan service is that Apple Watch will soon become outdated that it can not compete with next-generation products and prevent large value declines that will occur as the next-generation products emerge. Apple Watch Lease is scheduled to start service at a price of $ 150 (10,000 yen) for 10 months, and purchasers are cheaper to buy than cheap, 40,000 yen to buy new items, cheaper to borrow next It is possible to avoid situations such as the value of Apple Watch owned by the appearance of generation model decreasing.

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