When updating to iOS 8.3, "Touch ID" can not be used in AppStore

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The latest version of iOS which started distribution from April 9 "IOS 8.3However, it is clear that the problem that password input using Touch ID does not work properly in the App Store has been reported one after another.

Many Users Reporting Touch ID Not Working in App Store on iOS 8.3 - Mac Rumors

The trouble that Touch ID does not work properly is reported on iPhone 5s / iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / iPad Air 2. There seems to be a problem with most iOS terminals equipped with Touch ID, but not all users are involved in this trouble.

Also, the Touch ID will not work properly only when trying to obtain an application on the App Store, and it seems that Touch ID will work normally when releasing the lock screen. Furthermore, it is not that the application will not be available on the App Store, but if you enter the password by hand, you can obtain the application without problems.

As for trouble of Touch ID, reports are raised on various forums on the net.

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On the forum, "After updating your iPhone 6 to iOS 8.3, you can not use the Touch ID at all on the App Store" or "I will be prompted to enter a password each time I try to purchase an application. Is there someone who has the same kind of eyes? I tried to use "Touch ID" from the setting But the usage option on the App Store is on, so I can not get it wrong Password input each time I get an application Although it does not mean that a serious security problem has occurred, and so on, users from people who used Touch ID are raising a lot of dissatisfied voices .

In addition, in the past AppleIOS 8.0.1We delivered bug-full updates with a sudden release of the modified version of iOS 8.0.2.

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