"There is a possibility of making Windows open source," Microsoft executives said shocking

Microsoft's cornerstone was built and the shocking comment that OS "Windows", which is still the largest revenue source yet, "the possibility to open source is obvious" jumped out from the mouth of Microsoft executives.

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Conference for IT developerChefConf 2015At the venue of the exhibition, the presenter asked Mark Rucinovic, Microsoft's technical fellow who asked "Will Windows be open source someday?", The possibility that Windows will be open-sourced is "It's Definitely possible (definitely there is) "I said.


According to Rusinovic, Microsoft's cloud serviceMicrosoft AzureAbout 20% of customers are running Linux on Azure and it is clear that many customers rely on open source code. Microsoft also needs to accept that entity, Mr. Rusinović said, and he is also considering making Windows open source.

However, Mr. Lucinovic says that "Is it important for Microsoft's prodigious genius engineers to immediately open source Windows that comes with a build system that takes three months to set up?" It is unlikely that Windows source code will be released to open source.

Nonetheless, the fact that Windows source code that built the Microsoft Empire is so to speak is a sanctuary, and the fact that the unprecedented expression of open sourcing Windows comes from Microsoft's technical key persons,Satia NaderaSince he took office as Mr. CEO, he seems to be saying that Microsoft is vividly changing.

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