"The Book of Legendary Lands" collection of illustrations of imaginary worlds envisioned in ancient times such as "Phantom World" and "Utopia"

People have imagined from ancient times in the legendary continents and the world, worlds that do not exist such as phantasmal ideals. A valuable drawing depicting such a fictional worldIncunabulaColor illustrations such as gatheredUmberto EcoThe book of "The Book of Legendary Lands (Legendary Land Book)"is.

Legendary Lands: Umberto Eco on the Greatest Maps of Imaginary Places and Why They Appeal to Us | Brain Pickings

◆ Saint-Sever Beatus (Sun · Saver · Beatles)
"Saint-Sever Beatus" that is collected in the French National Library is an imaginary world map drawn in 1086.

◆ Tabula Peutingeriana (Poitinger diagram)
Poitinger diagramIs a map of the route depicted in the Roman Empire's system of Cruz · Pubricus, that is, a substantial road map. This picture seems to be part of the Poitinger diagram reproduced in the 12th century. Because the east and west are distorted remarkably, it is different from the actual map.

◆ Le livre des propriétés des choses (book of the nature of things)
It is inserted in "Le livre des propriétés des choses" drawn in 1392TO diagram. It is a map representing the empirical world, and it is drawn by a map production method different from the usual world map.

◆ Liber chronicarum (Nuremberg chronicle)
"Nuremberg chronicleIncunabula was published in 1493. The world map in it is kore.

◆ Map of Iceland (Map of Iceland)
In the 16th centuryAbraham OrteliusA map of Iceland that I made. Unlike the actual shape of Iceland, it is shaped like a monster somewhere.

◆ Utopia (Utopia)
Thomas MoreA map of a wood print island which is published in the first edition of "Utopia" published in 1516 by.

◆ Civitates Orbis Terrarum
"Civitates Orbis Terrarum" produced by Georg Brown and Franz Hohenberg from 1572 to 1617 depicts the bird's eye, that is, the city seen from the sky.

◆ En Enquiry into the Nature and Place of Hell (Investigation of the place and essence of hell)
Illustration of "En Enquiry into the Nature and Place of Hell" produced in England in 1659-1719.The original is also released in the Internet archiveIt is being done.

◆ Carte du monde d'Homère (Homer's world map)
"1849"Carte du monde d'Homère"Is a Greek minstrelHomer'sIt is said to have survivedAncient worldIt depicts a novel "UlyssesIt is also the book that became the basis of.

◆ Jain Cosmological Map (Map of Jain's cosmology)
Jainism was preaching "Jaina cosmologyA map depicting "Jean Budvipa" which is one of continents "Madhya · Loka" located in the middle of the universe considered in " It is about 1890 and the producer is unknown.

◆ Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (Underwater Underwater)
Classical science fiction novel published in 1870 "Twenty-seven underwaterIllustration of.

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