Burger King's morning menu "BK MORNING" has been renewed, so I've completely won all types

Burger King is a morning menu with a limited time from opening to 10:30 in the morning "BK MORNINGWe are selling "Last renewalAll burgers and hot dogs have been renewed on April 3 (Friday) even though they have been only about a year since. I went to eat all seven items using the newly developed "Corn Dust Buns" and the Spanish omelet-like scrambled egg "BK Tortilla".

Morning | BURGER KING: Burger King

~ Easy breakfast at Burger King ~ Morning menu "BK MORNING" renewal !! All seven types are released from April 3 (Fri)!
(PDF file)http://www.burgerkingjapan.co.jp/release/pdf/PressRelease150305.pdf

Arrived at Burger King.

Immediately after opening the store, posters have already been put on the scene.

The menu table has also been renewed. I order a total of 7 types.

Seven items arrived in about 5 minutes. Because you can provide products smoothly, you can satisfy your stomach firmly even in busy morning.

When opening all at once, it looks like this.

The size of one burger is about a little smaller than iPhone 6.

The embryo buns were used before the renewal, but this renewal has been changed to the original Japanese "corn dust buns" which are dusted with corn flour, which is like a muffin fabric with a little rice and breakfast It is a taste.

"Fish & cheese" (270 yen including tax) had melted cheese and stuck to Fish Patty.

Patty is square and it is quite thick

The light fishy white fish and tartar sauce match well. Because Patty is thick, it is hard to cool down even after a long time and it seems to be good for those who want to eat breakfast slowly.

"BLT & egg" (340 yen including tax) opened the package, the vegetables where the dressing came and Spanish omelet-like "BK Tortilla" spilled out of the buns.

When I opened the buns, vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, paprika and mizuna are on top of bacon.

I feel like vegetables are eating salad with shakijaki. Bacon and BK Tortilla were little in it, and there was little presence.

"Avocado Morning" (340 yen including tax) included an avocado of corner cutting unlike the menu picture.

Pepper Caesar sauce often spoils avocado with a nice texture and it may be irresistible for people who like avocado.

"BK hot dog egg" (200 yen including tax) is a slender hot dog, the size is slightly larger than iPhone 6.

The skin of the sausage is crisp and the contents are juicy. Sweetness is felt in bread, ingredients are easy to eat only with sausage and BK tortilla.

"Beef Morning" (200 yen including tax) is a simple burger whose patty and pickles are sandwiched.

It is a product that you can enjoy the smoky flavor of beef patty easily from the morning, because there is less volume than Wapper, it is suitable for people who like "Wapper but I can not eat Gatsuri from the morning ...".

"Spam & egg" (270 yen including tax) is a burger sandwiching spam, BK tortilla, cheese and lettuce.

The spam which is protruding from the buns is settled.

Salt taste works well for spam which was cut thick. Here also the presence of eggs is thin.

"Beefham & Egg" (270 yen including tax) is sanded with plenty of fresh sliced ​​onions that protrude from the buns.

The amount of beef ham is about the same as onion and is full volume. Because sliced ​​onions are fresh ones, it is quite painful. This one item alone is enough for breakfast.

In addition, you can also make a combination with drink S with plus 90 yen for every single item.

The offer of BK MORNING is until 10:30 in the morning and the renewal menu is on sale at the Burger King stores except some stores since April 3 (Friday).

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