Although it is a bakery, somehow a real electric locomotive has been placed "pan o sagle"

Operation ended on March 12, 2015Twilight ExpressAlso, on March 13, the periodic operation was terminated and shifted to temporary operation, and in August it is scheduled to be completely abolished Blue Train ·HokutoseiIn the past, the sleeping train which gathered a lot of popularity has been disappearing. Electric locomotive which continued such a passenger train and supported the operation "EF 66A bakery exhibiting 'Pan O SegreIt was in Kyoto that I was watching what exactly is going on.

Natural yeast bread store PANO SEAGUL

The location of Pan-a-Sagle is Kisugawa shi Kizugawa Harada 35-7 Kyoto prefecture. It is located just ahead of JR Kizu Station.

A shop built on National Route 24. From the south side, it is a very ordinary bakery ... ...

Turning to the north side, the logo mark of "JR" that seemed to be unrelated to the bakery over the glass jumped into my eyes.

Open the door and enter the shop, where Dawn and a real electric locomotive are settled. In the situation you do not know well what we are going to see with the sight that goes far above my common sense.

What is set up has been supporting Japanese railwaysEF 66 type electric locomotiveThe beginning part. It is a locomotive car familiarized as the face of the passenger train "Blue Train", which used to entertain many people in the past, vehicles existing as of 2015 are active in various places in Japan as locomotives pulling cargo trains It is.

Even so, it is a huge car body. It should be that, in general it is not likely to look up from such a locomotive at this distance, and furthermore from the very bottom, so it was a different way of looking at the station's home etc. .

A feature of EF 66, a beautiful nose part with a tip part attached. This shape is a big feature not seen in other locomotives, and it is a big point when distinguishing a car body. The license plate contains the body number of "EF 66 49".

According to the explanation raised in the store, this EF 66-49 is actually the locomotive which started a variety of vehicles, including the famous blue train such as "Hayabusa", "Fuji" "Asakaze" "Sakura". It seems that the shop praised the former active by buying and preserving the tip part of this body which became scrapped in 2010 in 2010.

EF 66 that is preserved in former form. You can see the appearance of a fan full of retro feeling on the cab. That should be that, initially this EF 66 was not equipped with air-conditioning equipment, so it was a rather harsh workplace until the cooler was installed later.

The coupling which is a clump of gut metal remained as it was. Once thinking that the blue train was connected here, there is somewhat deep emotion.

Besides that, it is only the actual car body that can see various details.

Unexpectedly I was robbed of EF 66, Pan-o-Sagle is a shop of bread with a commitment to organic matter using organic yeast.

There is a nice smell of freshly baked bread in the shop, and appetite is poked.

There is a cafe space on the second floor part, so you can eat bought bread on the spot. In addition, from lunch time 11 o'clock to 14 o'clock we have lunch for lunch.

From the second floor seat, we were able to eat bread while watching locomotives.

This time I will try to buy a croquette burger (300 yen including tax), croissant (140 yen), Tsuiban donut (155 yen).

And choose a cereal coffee (390 yen) for drinks.

"Tsubuan donuts" in which a bean sprout was put in plenty was finished in a sweetness that was refreshing.

Croissant feels the flavor of butter well, a dish that impressive light texture and rich flavor. Every bread has been baked, so it can not be tasty.

And the croquette burger is a menu with a rich flavor and richness of sauce with a large volume of croquette. The texture of fresh lettuce which was shakijaki was comfortable finished.

Suddenly, when I look up to the first floor, a clerk who arranges freshly baked bread and an EF 66 like to watch over it. I was able to see a sight that I could hardly see with a stranger.

The headlights are lit every Saturday between 13:00 and 19:00. Also, at this time, the head mark of the Blue Train "Sakura" is attached to the top, and it seems that this head mark has been exchanged once every two weeks.

From the stairs to the second floor you can also see the EF 66 from the roof.

There was a wonderful coming that it was wonderful that the appearance of EF 66 which ends the long period of activity and sends the rest of life in a different place from the top of the track.

"Pan-o-Sagle" is open from 8:30 to 19:30, the coffee space is open from 10:00 to 16:00 and the lunch from 10 to 14 o'clock. It is a pity that the regular holiday is Sunday and Monday, but it may be interesting as you can see the EF 66 that headlights will light up on Saturday. There are 10 parking spaces beside the store, so it does not seem to be a problem visiting by car from afar.

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